NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 80

A seeker …? What an unusual word , I thought . What a strange way to describe someone . I ’ d never thought of myself that way , and yet it seemed to fit . Wandering the dirt roads of the Mississippi Delta , my older brother Andrew and I had often puzzled over the meaning of life . Even as a child , I was searching for some missing piece of myself that I could never identify . Once , I remember Andrew asking me if I thought our parents were our real parents , because he didn ’ t think so . Nor did he believe that we were really poor or destined to live out our lives on a cotton plantation . He even went so far as to suggest that we had merely been left in the care of “ some good and loving people ” for a brief time , and that our real parents — who were rich and powerful — would one day return to claim us .
Yes , my new acquaintance had , inadvertently , given me something I could use . He had provided a missing piece of the puzzle by giving it a name . Moreover , my encounter with WW that day marked the beginning of a recurring pattern of uncovering hidden gems strewn randomly along my path . Often revealed in dream lore , my life seemed quite often to be meeting me from the opposite direction . I was constantly stumbling upon clues even when I had no idea where I was going . Just then a scene from my childhood flashed in my mind , and I saw my grandmother , Mama Sugar , as she kneeled by her bedside to pray . Turning to me , she placed a hand on my head : “ The way is already made ,” she told me . “ You just have to prepare yourself to walk it .”
As I sat across from WW at the diner , I was intrigued by his provocative observations but decided to forgo all questions till later . Meanwhile , I was content to imbibe the sound of his voice , its melodic timbre . It was like a healing elixir that I ’ d been thirsting for all my life .
“ In fact ,” WW said , “ I already knew why you approached me before I razz you about it . It was because you sensed something in my character .” He smiled . “ It isn ’ t every day , my friend , that a young man buys me a cup of coffee .” He paused as the rhythm of his breathing shifted . It became slower and deeper , with longer pauses between breaths .
“ At some point , during one of our many lifetimes on the earth ,” he said , staring directly into my eyes , “ we must come face to face with the fact that we are spiritual beings . Put another way , I could say to you that you and I , sitting here at this table , sharing a delicious cup of coffee , are mere imaginary beings . You are not the person you think you are — black American , a journalist , perhaps a husband or boyfriend — none of these designations are you in actuality . I can tell you with certainty that the handsome young man sitting in your chair , spiritually speaking , is but a figment of your imagination . We appear here in this place at this time only through the agency of our minds . The material existence of the earth is nothing more than mind substance stepped down to a lower vibratory rate , making it visible to our human eyes . In the Earth sphere , matter is the dense and visible shadow of mind .
“ We are like poets or creative artists — those gifted people who work with words , wood , stone , color , movement or dance — even emotions — as with your Hollywood movie actors . You and I , being in essence spiritual , create through material substance or in matter itself . We first visualize by using the mechanism of our imagination whose images we clothe in desire energy . Then , through a process much like making music , our desires cause a disturbance in the ether or astral sphere , which makes a sound or vibration that in time manifests as material forms . As it is in the heavens , so it is in the earth . The process is the very same one you read about right here ,” his finger poked at the tablet . The earth and everything in it were created by employing the same method . We are all creators — just like the Father of Creation — but on a smaller scale . In fact , your own Bible tells you plainly that we are made in the image and likeness of God . We are spirit — not matter , mon — as your scientists would have us believe . But we don ’ t know it . It ’ s like we fall asleep inside our own dream . A dream we make with our own minds and then forget .