NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 57

godzilla and dracula give us cause for reflection
the scratchy audio of their scripted sound the oily food scraps beneath the big screen and the wild sales pitches hammered into the small screens that house the two protagonists like foster children
who could forget how the survivors of u . s . war crime and radiation erected a paragon of caution with a monster soulless as hollywood awakened by a promethean , faustian icarus and eve like curiosity
on the other hand dracula only needed better pr someone to get him in front of the right people saying the right things on the right social media platforms
dracula has sent you friend request is dracula family or an acquaintance do you have dracula ’ s email
the moral of the story is that mercenaries and the people that hire them make the best zombies and weapons dealers they don ’ t have dark nights of the soul they are dark nights of the soul
i saw godzilla the other day seated just a few tables from me smooth but with a nervous energy offered to pay my tab between breaths of fire that kept the maitre d on edge told me i looked tired asked if i ’ d been asking too many questions of myself
said i needed to come to terms with the dead in the living the sense of profit the hot silence of freshly conquered prey
we all have shadows he said parts that hide light places to build lies about death
54 we all have children he said stories and flesh it is natural if not good to be worried about what happens to them when they go into the woods without us but go they must