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Graphic Poster for Phone Swap ( 2012 ) © phoneswapmovie . com
Akin receives a message on the phone he is holding , which says : “ Enjoy your Flight to Owerri .” Confused that the message came from his Personal Assistant , he hurriedly books another flight to Owerri . Naïve Mary buys a flight ticket to Abuja . At the point of recognition , Akin while inside the airplane realizes that he has swapped phones with Mary but can do nothing in the airplane , so he goes to Owerri instead of Abuja . Mary inquires from the flight attendant the duration of her flight to Owerri , and she is informed that the flight is heading to Abuja and not Owerri .
Akins arrives in Owerri , seeks to join the next available flight to Abuja but is told that the next flight is not on the same day . Mary and Akin talk on their exchanged phones , but they both end up sleeping in each other ’ s family house . Mary ’ s sister , Cynthia , happily introduces Akin to their father as an intending in-law , while Mary is also received happily by Akin ’ s mother , Kike ( Joke Silva ), as Akin ’ s girlfriend . Overjoyed Kike refuses to listen to Mary , who tries to debunk the thought that she is an incoming in-law . Akin in the village faces a hard life , which appears quite difficult for him to grapple with , so he gets up and calls Mary instead , and they begin to talk hush-hush . Mary asks Akin to caution Cynthia on her behalf because she perceives that Cynthia has so much liked Akin and so will listen to him . Akin retaliates by asking Mary to go represent him as his pa at the company ’ s retreat . Akin persuades Cynthia to
apologize at the family meeting with the in-laws , and she afterward sheds tears as a sign of her repentance . Akin and Mary talk more often on phone , and Mary tells Akin about Gina calling her and accusing her of eloping with her boyfriend . Akin responds by asking , “ Would you like to be ?” but she keeps quiet , which fuels emotional attachments in both parties .
At the retreat , Mary learns that the new Chairman is Kike . She tells Mary she acquired the shares to get Akin ’ s attention who dislikes her for always drinking alcohol . Kike openly tells her that she is the mother , and so , should call her son Akin and inform him of the new developments in the company . Akin ’ s mother harkens to the advice and calls Akin . In the end , Akin and Mary meet again at the Lagos Airport . This time , they both smile and hand back their phones to each other as they hop into Akin ’ s suv and drive off .
Phone Swap is both a romantic comedy of errors , and a situation comedy written by Kemi Adesoye , and produced and directed by sensational Kunle Afolayan . It was shot in Lagos and first premiered on 30th March 2012 . Afolayan explains that the movie came as a request for a movie that would incorporate both male and female gender , ages 15 to 45 , and a national story that would involve the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria . This explains why the film was made in partnership with mobile phone company BlackBerry , telecommunication giant Globacom , Meelk Properties , irs
Airlines , Seven-Up , etc . The film turned out to be one of Kunle Afolayan ’ s top grossing movies at the box office , and it won big at several film awards . Although the film is flawed in narrative structure and unrealistic situations , it came with several other challenges from pre-production to postproduction stages . Funds were slow to come in from the sponsors and unavailability of an airplane made Pat Nebo , the set designer alongside Kunle Afolayan , to develop a scenic design that so much resembles that of an airplane . The shooting of that scene also took a whole 24 hours . The actors and actresses shared in the challenges , as Nse Ikpe Etim had to jump into the water about ten times before the cinematographer got the needed shot . In spite of all of these , Kunle Afolayan ’ s signature shines through the entire film . The remarkable cinematography , the use of characters from the different regions of Nigeria , the scenic design , indigenous language and trademark soundtrack attracted general positive review from scholars and critics .