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Graphic Poster for Maami movie © MainFrame
The film Maami ( My Mother ) is based on a novel with the same title by Femi Osofisan . It was produced and directed by Tunde Kilani with screenplay by Tunde Babalola . It is a 2011 film from the stables of Mainframe Film and Television Productions and distributed by Mainframe Pictures . It was released on 4th June , 2011 , ( Premiere ) with running time of 93 minutes . It was produced in Nigeria in English and Yoruba Language . Made with a budget of 30 million naira , Maami , turned out to become a large scale financial fiasco . Nonetheless , it was well received by critics who gave it positive critical reviews . The full cast list includes :
Funke Akindele
as Maami
Wole Ojo
as Kashimawo
Ayomide Abatti
as Young Kashimawo
Tamilore Kuboye
as Dolapo
Olumide Bakare
as Otunba Bamisaye
Godwin Enakhena as Sports Presenter
Sanya Gold
as Mr Ojo
Peter Badejo
as nff secretary
The story is told from Kashimawo ’ s point of view through the use of first person narrative style . There was an extensive use of flashback , as the story of Kashy ’ s childhood runs parallel to that of the preparation for the World Cup .
Through courage and perseverance , Kasimawo stayed afloat in the storms of life . We can succeed no matter the circumstances that surround our birth . The type of spoons we were born with does not determine where we are going in life . According to William Shakespeare , some are born great , some achieve greatness , and some have greatness thrust on them . It appears Kashy was born with no spoon , but we can say he shed sweat , tears and blood to achieved greatness . He confronts his challenges with tenacity and persistence and surmounted the mountains of hunger and thirst . “ The gift of a man maketh way for him ,” the Holy Bible says . Kashy worked his way to the top , and through his gifts , he was able to chart a path for himself : “ Through its examination of the father and the mother , the film offers a vision of a country whose survival depends on the perseverance and resourcefulness of women in their struggle against corruption and abuse of male power ” ( Riesco , 2012 , p . 1 ).
Patriotism to the Nigerian nation made Kashimawo come back to be selected to represent his fatherland . At the end of the film , Kashy places his right hand on his chest in allegiance to his country Nigeria . Through this , the author tries to drive home the point that true patriotism and service to the people is required of all great men . He expresses absolute faith in his country by answering Olumide that Nigeria will win the World Cup . He shows concern for his fellow countrymen by asking Dolapo , on his way from the airport , if electricity is now stable in the country .
Maami , his mother , is an epitome of love and sacrifice . She endures everything for the sake of Kashimawo . Her love for him is the bedrock upon which every other action is based . She holds him close , teaches him , provides for him , encourages him , cooks for him and protected him from his diabolical father Olumide , who would have used him for ritual wealth . Her sacrifice cannot be over-emphasized .
She rejects Aso-ebi , which was the pride of women in her time . The Aso-ebi gives a sense of belonging to the women who wear it . It is a symbol of class and sophistication , but she rejects it to cater for Kashy with all her resources . She wraps his food in clothes to keep them warm till he comes back from school . Kashy himself shows love by giving back to the orphanage , because after the demise of Maami , he had to go to the orphanage to live . He visited and made a donation of five million Naira . His patriotism to Nigeria is an act of love for one ’ s country . Maami exhibits great bravery in the face of adversity , as Olumide would have nothing but sacrifice Kashimawo for ritual . She stood up against him and ran away with the child . She fought back when her stock in the market were destroyed and escaped from the man who tried to rape her . She disallowed the gate man in Olumide ’ s house from taking the boy , when he caught up with them . Her bravery in the face of adversity prevented her from being trampled .