NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 112

To fulfill HER sexual will and economy The word is unstable and insecure without His mother breast milk and opera signs

Eshu Elegbara came upon Dionysus who came Upon Bacchus who came upon Mithras who Came upon Tammuz who came upon Shiva And came upon It-zamma who came through Tlaloc who came upon Shango who forced Pituitary pineal illumination upon himself in order To re-turn to the un-condition of innocence
South of need trail leads go errant The twin figures are beyond her grasp Her phat reach not her impeccable stride Root magic she brought from Imerina prior Is plundered by LittleBigHeart the wizard of Strangulation and lateral division on wet afternoons Kali-Durga devour her as bread and wine

THERE is the science of serpent number Placed in the thesaurus counsel of Zoroaster A prophecy of design demands that I Carry her to Paris by night and Place her in the BAKHUKA crown of Her daughter Lilith from where she electrically Orchestrates the overthrow of ice station patriarchs

At work underground I am openly devoted To darkness I am the black son Of the woman my allegiance is to Conquer the ice station of the patriarchs Overwhelm them with my children the little Blue black ones crawling towards them on All fours standing in weightless radiant love
They crawl to me and tug at My trousers in jaundiced glee a fair Game note to band is plowed fail Urine rinse porter of purification awning spore Like gothic mailroom mud shadows of shrines Madness is a finer state than malcontent Cainworms feed the racial theories of pain
Little feet yelling gossip people the transit Track cuts deep into the concrete structure Of asphalt I don ’ t mind the year Ending and beginning on the same day War tears do not mean a thing To the poet before the war after The Reign they mean that he won