NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 111

Revealed at Heliopolis is Atum ’ s first principle Taught at Memphis is the el Daaoud At Thebes is Khonsu the mystical redeemer At Hermopolis there is Thoth the poet Jean and I greet him at Dendera He passes mind tongue throat says go Forth and describe the nature of things
We are ever alone certain complete form The verses the turnings of the totem Are nautically created each leading inevitably to Turns dances patterns grand vertical absolute scenes We meet a lady with three hearts Christens us her son and her lover Gives us intelligence direct knowing incorruptible bodies
In her love there is always stillness As the interminable sanctuary of high places In certainty there indeed is no Magick We request names and are given titles Outside of sobriety we long for the Lateral and the wild for the phrasing That irrevocably cracks gates and breaks circles
In Magick is our first attempt at A coherent system of logic that will Pre-empt the three-hearted woman turn out the Countryside into a lateral and wild reason Jean took the name Rabearivelo and I Took the name Erosnaut we rowed the Boat ashore and took possession by definition
Flame horizon exit site of grand stand Exit to and from eternity time is A maidenhead brown allspice radical radish fire Bombs dementia elegiac vertigone smile pent-up house Black petrified crane putrefied in the living Room triple reverse alchemist how wrong what Is real can be monstrous in toto
Sun burned alias off tomorrow e-stab compress Home on the range where the fear And the aneuryst play marshal a man Came to the front door wrapped in Bandaged liquor is a member of four Forgotten bills clay among hired hands is A blessing from the three-hearted woman
She is memory warm body a blood Theme found crate from life to life The ethos is reincarnation not memory which Is permanent but reincarnation an adjustment the Soul makes to pass through matter unarmed Hands held out palms turned up notation Carved mound plunged valleys supreme convergent memoir
A regenerate papyrus of erosnautical immortality springs From the mute function not-laughing at the Paradox of love and death pleasure and pain A poet conquers a muse-fattened landscape only