NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 109

By K . Curtis Lyle
“ Then pennies fly from heaven hit you In the mouth your lower lips bleed Rejoicing of ash cans an expected thug Purse requests a leave of absence to Make the rotations the corners have to Be brilliant and the terms must include The guarantee of the mysteries of insurance ”
“ My time comes in orgasm ruptures the Reversed psychology of betrayal the chest opens Helix Autumn Leaves depose Death as my Mentor hoots you scorch your earth in Order to relocate my tongue under the Quince tree a forthright virgin explains poetry This inversion of the laws of gravity ”
“ When I come from Indonesia and bring The Monk chants with me in my Left hand the swallow inmates ask me To kill the warden by serrated routes No names are given none are taken You come in from the cold ass Welcomed to the ecstatic saga of turns ”
“ I want to become someone breathing prior To make things appear and vanish if Custom is legend it ’ s because of the Room at the top of my house My art is action real firing squad I am always the first curse to Enter and the last prayer to leave ”
“ My right hand is comatose and laid Waste by fire Johnson Waller Hines Wilson Lucky through Lion Emperor Arthur Tatum that Blind man riding around New York City In a wax balloon Lincoln Continental from This bad hand I summon Elmo Bud The Einstein De Sade of grand piano ”
“ I have friends but few are human I like butterflies glow worms the song Of the owl because her bark speaking Bird to see in my hooded despair For me the turning is always away From anger pride envy lust toward bass Coherence I AM A GLUTTON FOR BEAUTY ”
“ I do a tent show where a Woman shows up with a little thing Bundled in a blanket of blue she Says her name is Mary Alzaida Coombs And the baby ’ s name is Nellie when There is a moment you know something
That you can ’ t explain you get quiet ”
“ Scene in the plaza this afternoon there Stands a nut brown little man with A shock of iron white hair riding His disk-winged temples the steep forehead obvious Pre-carve from the kind of limestone once Ferried through the Nile valley to front Pyramids O YOU KNOW I LOVE THAT !
“ They put a search light at my Front door a drum and bugle corps On my back porch it ’ s the night Before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature is stirring not even A mouse because we ’ ve all taken our Time to the living room and stopped ”
“ Around intent god speed is created they Say I fall into silence that some See as divine madness or the arrival Of a New Ark I tell you Now my solid state is simple and Direct respect for eternity a woman Tells a flute about a bird with Antlers a wolf lays down with A man ”