NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 107

• Not surprisingly , Pence received workmanlike applause at which time The Donald appeared . Clearly , he is unable to allow anyone else to reside in the spotlight for too long ; and so he came on stage and tried to kiss Pence . Pence gave him the “ iron shoulder ,” and Trump ’ s attempt at osculation turned into an air kiss .
• Night Four has already been hijacked by the announcement that Roger Ailes , the founder and ceo of Fox News , resigned effective immediately . What the implosion of the Republican house tv channel means remains to be seen , but nobody in Trump Land is cheering .
• 12:09 a . m . – And finally , finally , Ivanka Trump had her star turn , and she was clearly ready for her close up . The question can be fairly asked : while filial love and devotion are touching and useful , is there any standard by which Donald Trump , Jr . and Ivanka Trump are qualified to explain why their father should be President of the United States ? Indeed , the takeaway from her speech was “ my father will take care of you ,” which has a whiff of Orwell about it .
• Ivanka Trump then introduced her father who then delivered a 75-minute doom and gloom speech with the very clear message that only Donald Trump could save America . He is running for president , but perhaps he has something more special in mind .
• Indeed , when he speaks of “ liberating ” the American people from crime , Trump sounds like a strong man wannabe . Perhaps , he was able find one of Juan Peron ’ s speechwriters , but however the speech came together , Trump clearly wants to frighten the American people into believing that he is the only person in this country who can save this country , and we are supposed to wait until he takes the oath of office to find out what the details of his master plan look like .
• 8:41 a . m . – The balloon and confetti have been swept out of Quicken Loans Arena . The entire Trump Royal Family has now flown out of Cleveland , perhaps , doing one last flyover to wow his adoring adherents .
• Donald Trump envisions himself as America ’ s Strong Man . Ivanka Trump tells us that her father will take care of us . The question now is whether Americans want a leader or a parent as president .
JULY 25 , 2016 – 6:43 P . M . — EST
• The dnc Convention began two and one half hours ago in a broiling steamy Philadelphia . Rumors of Russians hacking the e-mail of the Democratic National Committee swirled along with the rumor that the disgraced dnc Chairwoman , Debbie Wasserman Schultz , was going to play Captain Ahab and go down with her personal Pequot by speaking at the Convention .
• There is probably no truth to the story that Schultz was blindfolded , drugged and bundled off to an undisclosed location close to Guantanamo . What we do know is that interim chairwoman , Donna Brazile , isn ’ t talking and neither is Debbie Wasserman Schultz .
• Trailing Donald “ Maximus ” Trump even after an rnc convention that shuttled and swerved between comic mimicry ( see Melania Trump channeling her inner Michelle Obama ) to hate rally ( see Rudy “ Get Off My Lawn ” Giuliani ) to a virtual old school torchlight rally led by the presumptive royal family ( see all of the Trump children , except Trump ’ s youngest son Barron , who showed the good sense to stay in his seat ). Clearly , the Democrats have their work cut out for them .