NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 106

JULY 21 , 2016 – 8:14 P . M . — EST
• One week after Bastille Day , the 2016 rnc Convention will be remembered for being the first time that a major American political party seriously called for the imprisonment of the presumptive candidate of the other party . Not to be out done , a mouth-breathing New Hampshire embarrassment to the species named , Al Baldasaro , called for Hillary Clinton to be brought before a firing squad .
• As the grand finale of the convention approaches — no doubt as Donald Trump is still seeking to master the intricacies of a teleprompter — a bit of reflection on Nights Two and Three might be in order .
• On Night Two , future Federal defendant Chris Christie led the primal chant of “ Lock Her Up ,” as he recited his “ indictment ” of Hillary Clinton . The irony of Christie ’ s senior aides about to go on trial for blocking the George Washington Bridge was lost on the assembled Republicans . By the way , the recent conviction of Christie ’ s appointee as chairman of the New York New Jersey Port Authority was conveniently swept under the rug .
• The most interesting part about the “ Lock Her Up ” chant is that it sounded primal and was on just this side of what a lynch mob must sound like . One can imagine that if Hillary Clinton had somehow appeared in the Quicken Loans Arena , she would have suffered great bodily damage .
• What should be noted , however , is that on the night that the convention was supposed to focus on the economy and jobs , the takeaway for the evening was locking up Hillary Clinton . Unless the new Trump jobs are related to penal institutions , it is hard to see how any new thoughts were presented to the American people , regarding how life would be better with The Donald as president .
• Night Two mercifully ended an entire day of the Trump campaign denying that Melania Trump lifted even a single word from Michelle Obama ’ s 2008 speech . They denied by asking the world to disbelieve their lying eyes and ears . But by the end of the day they had lied themselves into exhaustion and a nonentity from the Trump speechwriting pool was chosen for sacrifice ( but she was not fired ).
• The only other item of note was that two more of the Trump children spoke glowingly of their father . While their presentations may have served to humanize the Human Sound Machine , it cannot be a surprise that his children came on national television to say that they admire and love their father .
• Night Three was supposed to introduce Mike Pence , Indiana governor and Tea Party stalking horse , as the Vice Presidential nominee . And once again the evening was hijacked . First , it was hijacked by Ted Cruz , and then it was kidnapped by Donald Trump .
• To be fair , the real culprit on Wednesday was Ted Cruz . Cruz was the last loser in a line of losers knocked off by Trump like a series of poorly made kewpie dolls . Cruz was still smoldering over being called a “ liar ” over and over . He certainly didn ’ t forget Trump threatening to “ spill the beans ” on his beloved wife Heidi , and he will never forgive Trump for accusing his cherished father of being an accomplice in the assassination of President John F . Kennedy .
• So it really should not have been a surprise that Cruz ended his speech without endorsing Donald Trump , advising Republicans to “ vote their conscience .” But the assembled Trump partisans howled and bayed at the full moon and seemed to threaten Cruz ’ wife with physical harm to the extent that she had to be escorted out of the arena with guards protecting her .
• As that opportunity to demonstrate party unity withered and died , Mike Pence presented himself to the national audience without mentioning his willingness to shut down the federal government in an effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood . He also conveniently neglected to mention his classic wish that Roe v . Wade be overturned and relegated to “ the trash heap of history ,” which is also where the right of women to choose would also reside in the world of Trump and Pence .