NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 105

JULY 19 , 2016 – 4:05 P . M . EST — JUST CAN ’ T TAKE IT ANYMORE …
• A “ Duck Dynasty ” star is kicking off the convention . This can get more bizarre as the evening goes on — you will remember that the “ Duck Dynasty ” cast is proud to be “ rednecks ” and the “ N ” word is just a part of every day speech . Time to buckle the seatbelts .
• Two-time failed presidential candidate and former Texas governor appears , still rocking the glasses that were meant to portray faux intelligence — working about the same now as then .
• And now the mother of a Benghazi victim — nothing like turning the death of an American [ soldier ] into a political football . Continuing the “ Hate Hillary ” monologue , truth and facts be damned .
• Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke claimed the role of the black attack dog , savaging Black Lives Matter and President Obama in a blistering speech . Presumably , Clarence Thomas , Ben Carson , and Herman Cain were not available .
• Senator Tom Cotton , who led an unconstitutional effort that resulted in an unconstitutional letter from 47 senators to the Ayatollah of Iran , lectured as to how Donald Trump would be better .
• In an unexpected moment , New Jersey Governor Chris Christie , while discussing how he was overlooked as the Trump vice presidential nominee , reminded the nation that he chaired the Trump Transition Committee , thereby giving America one more reason to vote against Donald Trump .
• Rudy Giuliani , America ’ s Mayor of Hate , was put on the list of speakers , presumably to make sure that Donald Trump ’ s dog whistle kept blowing loud and clear , and that he did . Indeed it was amazing to see his uninterrupted primal scream last for five whole minutes .
• After being borne onstage on the clouds of his own ego , anti-immigrant Donald Trump introduces his immigrant wife who proceeds to exceed all expectations by not lapsing into Slovenian in the middle of her speech . She does make the slightest error by shamelessly quoting Michelle Obama ( she of the hated Obamas ) on several occasions . The Trump camp tells us not to believe our lying ears : there was no plagiarism .
• As we prepare for the second night of the Republican Conventionalooza , Melania Trump doesn ’ t have to worry about her nocturnal plagiarizing from the night before . It turns out that the convention program states that she received a degree from the University of Slovenia . Only one problem : she didn ’ t .
• The list of prominent Republicans not attending is growing faster than Pinocchio ’ s nose — Colin Powell , Condoleezza Rice , George Will , Nikki Haley — and the list goes on .
• Meanwhile , Don King was disinvited as a convention speaker , although Donald Trump had previously invited him . Presumably the rnc was queasy over having a speaker who had gone to prison for stomping a man to death . Don King has promptly announced at a press conference that rnc Chair , Rance Priebus , doesn ’ t like Black people .
… and this is only Day 2 .