NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 104

JULY 18 , 2016 – 7:52 P . M . EST —
JULY 18 , 2016 – 6:00 A . M . EST —
As the sun rises on a week that will be meaningful in many ways , now there is Donald Trump . He has brought steaming , heaping truckloads of misogyny , racism , nastiness and just plain bad taste to the national political discourse . He has turned the presidential campaign into some kind of mma steel cage match . Now he is king of the steel cage , and , by the way , in a few days , he will be the Republican presidential nominee . There is a certain apocalyptic aroma to this convention . The killings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philandro Castile in St . Paul by police guns were all too sad scenarios in modern America . Then five police officers were murdered in Dallas , and all of the people in this country were looking into the abyss that hate and injustice and unrequited wrongs can create . But as the funerals of Mr . Sterling and Mr . Castile and the five Dallas police officers were beginning , 84 men , women and children were murdered in Nice in yet another insane terrorist attack . As the body count grew in France , a coup began in Turkey and over 200 people were killed . As the bodies were counted in Ankara and Istanbul , three police officers were assassinated in Baton Rouge . No one wants to imagine what could be next . The apocalyptic aroma is unmistakable , and we have Donald Trump to thank for adding to the stench .
There is a schedule of speakers for the Monday convention agenda , including the Mayor of Hate , Rudy Giuliani , and Melania Trump , the implausible Bride of Trump , along with the Trump children . The reason Giuliani is necessary on the agenda is to keep the volume up on the dog whistle message that has been the thinly disguised theme of the Trump campaign . Mrs . Trump and four of the five Trump children will be there , presumably to prove to the world that Donald Trump is a human being .
Before the convention begins the appearance of the Trump / Pence ticket on “ Sixty Minutes ” makes it clear that Mike Pence is not even the caboose on the Trump Train . Trump also makes an interesting distinction : Mike Pence voted for the Iraq War in 2013 , which he forgives as a mistake . When pressed , Trump says that Hillary Clinton is not entitled to make a mistake . As the convention begins , it is interesting to note that the two living Republican ex-presidents , George H . W . Bush and George W . Bush , are not in attendance . Also missing are Mitt Romney , John McCain ( the last two Republican candidates for president ), former candidates Marco Rubio and John Kasich and Sarah Palin , who is known as never having met a microphone or camera that she didn ’ t love . These are facts from the convention that are presented without elaboration ( well , not much ):
• Before the convention begins , the Iowa and Colorado delegations walk out , presumably expressing some protest regarding the candidacy of Donald Trump .
• The angriest recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance ever kicks off the convention .
• A blind , crippled girl is brought out to sing the National Anthem . The irony of Donald Trump mocking differently abled individuals is conveniently forgotten .
• News commentators are speculating on how Melania Trump will be able to “ humanize ” Donald Trump , although it is useful to point out that historians confirm that Attila the Hun was a loving husband and a caring father .