NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 103

JULY 18 , 2016 – 6:00 A . M . – EST
As both the Trump and Sanders campaigns demonstrate , zealotry can provide the accelerant for a primary campaign that can fuel a run to victory ( Trump ) or a close loss ( Sanders ). One of the flaws of the primary process , however , is that it is in an era where over 40 % of likely voters label themselves as Independent , winning the majority of a minority party in no way guarantees a win . And , given the fact that only 28 % of registered voters participate in primary voting , it is easy to see why even with a robust victory margin in the primaries , it is possible to question the electability of such a winner in a general national election . Indeed , the polls after the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee have seemed to indicate that primary victories do not necessarily translate into [ national ] electability . Speaking of the 2016 conventions , some real-time commentary on these two events offer some useful insights as to what is happening in the American presidential electoral process :
As the July sun begins to sear the Northeast once more , the rnc Convention is about to begin in Cleveland . The outcome is already known , we will soon witness the improbable coronation of Donald J . Trump as the presidential nominee of the Republican Party , also known as the Teapublican Party in some circles . The Republican Party has not always been this way . After all , this is the same party that nominated Abraham Lincoln , Theodore Roosevelt , Dwight Eisenhower , and Ronald Reagan as president . One might not embrace all aspects of the legacy of these men , but one can say that all of these men became president in a context that made sense and fit the concept of what a president should be .
When he announced his campaign for president in June of 2015 , many people saw this as another self-promotion ploy by the orange-haired egotist , right up there with his “ The Apprentice ” television show , his factually doomed “ birther ” campaign against President Obama , and his fraudulent scam known as Trump University . Even to this day , there are Trump insiders who claim that Trump ’ s goal was only to make a good showing so that he could burnish his pseudo-fame and glory , before he moved on to make some more money somewhere else . But something happened along the way .
Trump gave a voice to the disaffected poorly educated , economically devastated and truly angry White men in this country . With that base he was able to devastate a truly unimpressive array of primary opponents . Remember Bobby Jindal ? Chris Christie ? Scott Walker ? Carly Fiorina ? No matter how vile or profane or preposterous or insulting or outrageous or fact-free his pronouncements , Trump was able to steam roll presumptive favorites like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio , and all of a sudden , he was in mano a mano battles with Ted Cruz and John Kasich . It was hardly a fair fight .
Since Trump amassed enough primary votes to claim the presidential nomination , the Republican hierarchy has searched for some way to “ Stop Trump ,” and they simply could not . Now the rnc is about to reap the harvest of hate that grew out of the seeds of hate that have been sown by the mindless and race-based opposition to the presidency of Barack Obama . The rnc blew the dog-whistle loud and long enough , and now the hate dogs have come running to Cleveland .