NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Vol 17.2: Fall 2017 - Page 62

essay DEREK WALCOTT/ AUGUST WILSON: Homage to 20th Century Masters of WORD By Paul Carter Harrison p Derek Walcott, Paul Carter Harrison and August Wilson. PHOTOGRAPH BY DONALD MORALES THE NEW WORLD NEGRO…WHAT WOULD DELIVER HIM FROM SERVITUDE WAS THE FORGING OF A LANGUAGE THAT WENT BEYOND MIMICRY, A DIALECT WHICH HAD THE FORCE OF REVELATION AS IT INVENTED NAMES FOR THINGS, ONE WHICH FINALLY SETTLED ON HIS OWN MODE OF REFLECTION AND WHICH BEGAN TO CREATE AN ORAL CULTURE OF CHANTS, JOKES, FOLK-SONGS, AND FABLES… BY THE WRITER’S MAKING CREATIVE USE OF HIS SCHIZOPHRENIA, AN ELECTRIC FUSION OF THE OLD AND THE NEW. — DEREK WALCOTT, WHAT THE TWILIGHT SAYS* 30 I was there. At his bedside. He had difficulty breathing, and his organs began to shut down. He was a hated man. After he had ended the Vatican bank’s practice of laundering drug money, he was a marked man.” The Pope was tall, handsome. He had glistening eyes, a face that looked as though it had been sculpted. After breakfast, Miltiades II walked slowly to a window and lit up. He wrung the match, until the light was out. Remembering his only vice, Nance had brought him a couple of cartons of Lucky Strikes. Miltiades admired one of his predecessors, but his legacy will be permanently scarred, because he awarded Sainthood to a priest who was partially responsible for the extermination of the California Indians. The two had spent the day walking around the gardens of apricot, peach and olive trees, and greenhouses of ornamental flowers. They inspected the organic farm filled with cows, free-range hens, cockerels, and bees. Nance brought the Pope up-to-date about what was happening back home. The new wave of Black artists whose work was on display at museums. Who was performing in jazz clubs. The Pope had one of the most extensive jazz collections. Nance told him about some of the new restaurants that had opened. As they were walking back into the Palace, the Pope paused. “Who are these Nicolaites?” “Oh, they’re some kind of eco-terrorists. They’ve been blamed for the murders of a couple of coal and oil tycoons. Mayor Loathsome Larry and Police Commissioner Brown have promised early arrests.” “Yes. Amazing. This is an example of a good cause being corrupted by extremists. They should organize voters who feel as they do.” “They tried that. The electoral system has been corrupted by big money. The fossils fuel industry owns Congress and some members of the Supreme Court apparently. They own the media.” “Nance, you’re not telling me that you side with those who believe that murder is the solution to changing public policy? Why are you siding with extremists? “Jesus Christ was an extremist. At least that’s how the Romans saw him. He was murdered because of his extremist ideas.” “Nothing new,” Nance said. “What do you mean by that?” “White men meeting Black women in secret.” n Copyright© 2017 Ishmael Reed “Those two are characters alright. Is it true that their leader, Boy Bishop, leaves a note at the scene of the crimes?” “‘It came between you and the planet, you lost?’” Nance said. The Pope paused. “Nance, you stick to your detective business, I’ll do the theology.” A nun refilled their coffee cups. “T HHH\ H\Z\XY\[[\[]'H8'\[[Y\[XH\X[HX]]Y[ HXX\۸&]ۛX]] 'B'^x&\H\وZ[X\[]8&\HHH\[Y]ۙB[YK'H8'H]H\Z[\XB]^H[ܜ\HX“XYۛH[Xܙ] 'B']'B'^Hܜ\H]H\[]B]X[[HۛHۙH˜\Yx&\\ۜ[YYYB\[\و[][K]^HYHݙ\\Hܜ\HXXYۛK[H[&]Y\[H]وBXK^H^H\[[B[H\H܈]HXYۛB[[[HH[[X[HZYB\H[X]Y Y][[[Z[X[ˈY\XHۙK'B'[x&Y]\H\Y[ [\^[[K[\YX\܈ZY]HY[\ۙY 8'H[HZY HYYBۛHK[HH\H\[[و][ܚˈYٝ[][[H\[H]KYܙH\˜\[\\\XYHX\HBY[]Y[H\[[][ۂ\[[ۚY\ˈ[HX\][H\Y]]X[]x&\\\\H[H\܈[B[Y[HH[[Y\[XK\HH\ݚYY]HK'Hۛ]H\\ۙY 8'HBHZY 'BH[[H]\^K\[YB]X]H[Z\ܝ[[]\\B[[[HHوH[[Y\[XB\HHH\][[[]X[]H[HX[Y HY\Y[\Y]ܜ[XH\8&\˜\]\XH[Y[H[ۙ^H[[[Y[Y›و[[ۜˈH\XY[X]\]ZY]H\H[ۙ^H[\X]H]H܋