NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Vol 17.2: Fall 2017 - Page 162

memoir Excerpts from Strip Down Personal By Camille Yarbrough “TH E OLE H EAD THANG” F O R D ’ S T H E AT E R S U N D AY, A P R I L 1 3 , 1 9 6 9 Gramma: “Um hum, you see her. Mina be watchin’, watchin’ all da’ time. She one of dam churin that see thangs. She gonna talk about it too. You’ll see... I seen churin like that befo’.” Gramma’s friend: “Think so?” q Camille Yarbrough Gramma: “Can’t you see it? Watch her. Watch her. She got ways, cause she got sompum to do, sompum to say about thangs. Um hum, Mina, she one o dem old, old heads.” So, this is: “The neighborhood I was born and raised in was frequently referred to as one of the 'X]و8'HZYܚ[[Y\Xx&\X[H8'XX[Y Z[YX[[Y\X[[][]Y\˸'B'ݙ\H\[وYX\ZH^x&\XY]YH[] Hš[\Y[Y[Y [HX\[8''H\[YKX\ܙX[\]]^H\\ 'B)'Y] [HZYHوH8'X]و8'H]YHوXY][و][YHۈ[X\Z[[\[\][ۋH[\YYXYH\X[Y\܈YH\ق\X[Y\]XX[^\\H\\ۘ[[X[H[XBH8'X[8'H[\]^HHH Y\]YH\ۘ[ ]]YH\ۈ\ۘ[ 'B[Z[HX\Y]YH ˂H\[ۈ Y\[\]Y]¸'Z\X\Y[\[][B\]و]8&[YH[Y[۸&HZY[Y\HYZۈYKH\X\[HB[[[ZX[[ݚ[Y[X\وB&\ܝ\[8'[\]وHܙ 8'B^Z[]ܙ8&\X]\Z\–X\Y8&\[][ۈو8'[[\['HZ[X\HZY[قHXZ]\ۙHوH\[›وH][[˂[Y\[HHX\[H[B[Y[ܛ\H[X\[Y[\›ۙH\Y 'BH^\XݙH\HH]Y]ܚ][H[H [B\[ۈ H\[ٝ[܈B\[Y[ ]HYYXH]H\YZ[ۈ][[YۈHYHو\[۸&\ܙ8&\•X]H܈و][YH]\Y\]\^][X]\]YK]\]X[ܙKH\][›^H\Hۈ\ۘ[[[Y H\[^HX\H\Y\[]YZ[YX\و^H\ݙ\[YKYX\›و^Z[Y\[ܛ[\\]XX^[Y[ [HYX[X\ܘKY\]YHوHY][ۘ[]\ق\YH]X[[YXKHYYBY[[\[H\XY]Bو\YKYܛYݙ\HۙB][و[Y\ݙ\HHY\\][ ]\[YYHۈ]YH]H[وH^H\[[[[Y[و^HX\ٝ[\YK]Y ۈ]YHH\˜Z[XXHX\Y H[B]YY[Hۛۙ][[\]\\[[›Yx)HY]][ H\B[YH]\[]Y H[ۛܙY [\\Y[]XXKܘ[[Xx&\Y['[]8&\YHHX]H^O'BH\X^XHZYYX\ [BX\^Hܘ[[\[\Y[^H\H[X]YKو\K]]YHHY[\[]^HYX[ ]YHYX\وYB\ۜYH[^\[]H[][YK]8'XY8'H[YX\›وZ[]YHوH8'[ۙ][ۙ'HYX\و][^\[[\[^\[HH\Y[[^Z[[XZ[]ܙ[\[B[H8&[\[[H8&BX\Y]\][[X\[™HH[[[ۘ[[\X[ۜ\]Y[\وHX\ˈ][YKHY[[\[[X\][8'XY8'H\]]YX[H[8'XY'H]HH[^\˜[[[[[X[[YHو['XY 8'H[X\ݙH]Y[H\ۜX[]H[HوZ[˜[8'XY 'Bܘ[[XN'Z[KHZ8&HXY [H[KHۛ[][H[X\[˸'