NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Vol 17.2: Fall 2017 - Page 120

Pope Miltiades II had taken the name Miltiades after the Black Pope, who converted Constantine (though Constantine continued to worship Apollo on the side, just in case). Miltiades II’s predecessor had taken ill and died. Rumors held that he was engaged in a spiritual house cleaning but was deemed too progressive for far Right Spanish Bishops, successors to those who gave the world The Inquisition. Was he poisoned? One pope had already been arrested when found outside of Vatican City, hauled off to The Hague for collaborating with a South American dictatorship. The Black Pope, who had taken the place of the New York Cardinal, who had been forced out, insisted that the Vatican be exorcised before he took up residence there. And so he was living in the summer palace until the exorcism had been completed. Vatican City had been sealed off. Its buildings could be seen expanding and contracting, as the devil was resisting the work of a battalion of priests who had been assigned the task. Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer residence, is quite a layout. A 17th-century building designed by Carlo Maderno for Pope Urban VIII. The Pope had a view of the coastline of Lake Albano, where the residents go canoeing and kayaking. The location had a Mediterranean climate. Mild winters and springs. The lake was packed with carp, perch, trout, pike, and tench. But in Vatican City, the situation was far from pleasant. Some of the priests could be seen being carried out on stretchers, after losing a battle with the demons. The evil howls and groans from Vatican City could be heard throughout the city. This resulted in a long line of refugees. This was cutting heavily into the tourist business. No longer could cab drivers and the limousine services that provided rides from the airport overcharge unsuspecting visitors. Business was slow. Romans were surly, like the clerks at the front desk of the Best Western in Vatican City. A hotel where you were likely to find your laundry missing. The waiters in the restaurant, however, were courteous. Nance gave the place three stars. The exorcism had been going on for a month, because the devil and his friends had been residents of the Vatican since its beginning. He was there when popes waged a 200-year war against independent women known as witches. From Peter who refused to recognize Jesus as he was arrested by the Romans and had a falling out with Paul. He was there listening to the prayers of Pious 12th, when he was praying for a Nazi victory in Russia. He was there, when John and Benedict warned priests throughout the world not to talk about children who had been molested by priests. Miltiades II had promised to continue the reforms of his predecessor. A married priesthood. Women priests and Cardinals. St. Paul in his letter to St. Timothy endorsed a married priesthood. In the early Church, clerical celibacy was not mandated. St. Paul in his first letter to St. Timothy wrote, “A bishop must be irreproachable, married only once, of even temper, self-controlled, modest, and hospitable” (3:2), and “Deacons may be married but once and must be good managers of their children and their households” (3:12). However, one should not erroneously construe this teaching to mean that a bishop, priest, or deacon had to be married; St. Paul admitted that he himself was not married (1 Cor 7:8).” He wanted to abandon the 352-Council of Laodicea, which decreed that women are not to be ordained. 59 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE Smiling, fully conscious of his long-windedness, like after finishing a saxophone solo, what they call “writing a letter,” Joe returned to the reality of the car, released the steering wheel with his right hand and caressed her arm. “No, honey-girl. I am fine… Do not need to stop yet.” “No, East. Oh… but the great bandleader in heaven knows what he is doing, and that is love. That is all it comes down to. And inside that poor brother knows better than his rich one what makes the difference.” “And you mean to tell me you came to all this understanding on the road, Joe?” “No. In my father’s store. My father had his own General Store. Had a big old-fashion radio in it. People — not only blacks — came and purchased what they needed there: goods and supplies and things. There was no other black storeowner in the county. This was back when people knew the difference between what they desired and what they needed. They would all come around the radio. I can still see them gathered up close, when it was news about fdr and the war or Joe Louis. All the rest of the time, there was the music blaring out of it. Singing about Jesus, about storms, plagues, freedom, or killing, losing, and finding a new lover,” Joe related with melancholy pride. “I was just a little guy, always in somebody’s way, wanting to get up close to that radio. My whole imagination was sewn to that radio. I always wondered how little were those cats they called Little… like Little Walter and Little Milton? Just how big was Big Joe Turner and Mr. Five-by-Five, Jimmy Rushing? They were all singing Q Օ̰)ɕЁ展́Ёѡͅѽɥ̸) Ёɵȁեхȁձ)ѼݡЁͅ)MݡIЁ啐ݕЁѡ݅)$ѽݡѕٕȁ$݅)Ё͔Ѽѡȸ)ѡݡAɕͽѡ݅)啐䰁$ѕ$)䁵ՍѕѥѼх)Mݥȁѡ-Mݥȁ䁽)ѡЁ̸ͥ$Ёٕѡ)ЁɅ͔ѡѼ)չխ չа ])5Iэ)!ͽ-ɬA)ɽ䁹ٕȁɐЁ$ɕ)܁ЁѡMɥՅ́ Օ))谁ѡѥ䁱݅)ѕѼи$݅́ɕ䁥ٔ)ݥѠͥѡ%Ё͍ٕɕ)аЁѡѡȁ݅䁅ɽչt)!䰁)ɽq!܁)ݡɔ$ɕ܁ѡ)и1ݡѡ͔́х)չ5́՝չ=а)ݡɕѼѼͽչ)役͔Q́Ёͽչ)5̸Q䁑Ёѡ Օ)9܁eɬ ѡ݅ѡ䁑) Mи1ե́Ёͽչ)ѡ9܁=ɱ̸$)ɕ锁ѡ́хչѥՍѕȸ)%ѡ͔́ѽ䁭܁ѡ)ɽ́ݡЁѡѡ́ܳt)ݡ͵)ͽѡ役ѡݥ͡)ѕȁՉ͍ͱ䁙ݕ)́Ѽݡɔ͡ձЁѕȁ)ѕɑ̰́ѥՕ́ѽ+q ́ѡȁͽ́ݕɔ)ɔѡЁ́ѡɅѼ) ɔ$䁥ݡЁѡ)$խ)ɕ չЁɽ兰ѡ)䁙ѡˊéѽɔѼ)ѡȁͥѕȁݽձ͔)ѡ䁡ѡȁɥ䰁)ѡ䁑ѡЁչمɅ)ݽݥ́݅́ѡɥѼ)䁱ѱɽݸ̸ Ёѡͽչ)ѡͅѽЁ)%ͥ$չЁɕͥѥ)$ձЁȁ՝ͅ)䵝ɰ$Ё܁ȁɔ)ܰЁ$݅́݅ɔɔ)Mչչ͡ѡЁͽѡ)ѽՍ͔ͥ)ḛ$܁Ё݅́ѕȁѡЁѽ)ѡɔɔ$܁ݡЁѕ)̸݅ !ݭ̰1ѕȁeչ)ݕɔ́Ѽ1ѕȁ!) ɹ䰁 ]ѕȸQѕȰѡ)ٕ́役͔)յаͽչɕЁѕ) ɱAɭȳtѡ́ѥѡ)՝ɽх́ɽ)ٕɥեЁ՝ɽͽ)ݕѡͭ+qа$݅ѕѼݡЁ$ɐ)ɽ́ѡɅЁ$)ЁٔՔ$Ё܁ݡɔ)ȁ܁ѼЁхѕͼ$)ٕɕЁЁչѥt)́齽Ѽ́͡)ѡѕȁձ͕ȁ)ѡ݅)፥ѕq)ͼԁЁͬ)ѡȁȁɸtq9ѡӊéɥи$݅́她)ѕѼԁхЁȁѡȻt+qͬ$Օ́ԁɕ܁ݽɱ)ݡɔԁͭȁѡ̸]ͅ)ѡݔЁɕ䁡ٔ)䰁ݔٕȁɐ)今tM܁ѼѡЁ)ݡɔ݅́ݕqeԁɔԁٔЁɐ՝)]̰Ёͽɕ)!䁽ѡɅ Ёи)$ չ䰁ݡЁ́ѡɕѡ)ѡ͔́ɔ)եЁѡȁͽt)MѥѕȁЁݡ)͡٥ͥѕ͡ɅɕݕЁ)Ѽ聡ȁɅѡˊé͔1)ɹɔѡͭՉ݅䁅ѡ)ݥӊéаչѥ͡ͅ܁ȁ5)ͥѥͥȁЁѡɥЁ)ѕȁɐq5!1ѱ1t)ȁ́͡Ʌѥȁ̸͍)ɅՅ䰁ѡͭ䁉Ѽ͡ݥѠ)ոQɽ́ѡ)ѽȁݕɔȁɅѡˊe)Ʌͥѥ̸QЁͱٕȁ)Ր݅́ѡͅȁ́ѡݡє)ȁɅѡˊé̸qQѡ$ѕɕѕɥ)܁́ѡեԸeԁ)ݥѠ܁)ѡɕ啅t)QɹЁ)͡ͅ胊q5)ݽձٔԸeԁܰ)Ʌѡȁ啐ѥձ)]ٕɽє܁ݡЁ͡)ѥ́ѽѡȸ)]͕)ѡɗéͽѡЁѡɅtq$ݥٕȁɝЁ5䁙ѡȁ݅)ɕЁȁ́ѥ̸eԁݽձٔ)Ѽչх܁Ё̸݅]ЁЁ݅)ݽɱݡɔ)ѼЁ́ͥ̃ṔP)́ՕЁѡ՝́ͥ$)ݽȁѽɕ锁ݡ)ɥ́ѡٽ)ɽ́ѼɅѥ́)t)ѕˊéɅѡˊé́՜)Ѽѡͥݡ))ѡեͭ䁙ȁɑ̰ɔ)ɕЁݡ)ȁɅѡȁչٕɸ)ͅɕѼаѼѠ+qM䰁а$Ёѡ՝Ёѡ)ѽɔѥ%ԁ݅ЁѼ)ѼͽѡݽѠѕѼ)t+q́ٔȁɔt+q]ӊéѡЁ͔Ѽ])ӊéѡЁѥ׊eٔ)ݕٕȁՍѥ쁵́ӊé)$݅́ԁݽձeЁ͕)ѡȁ݅́ͼܰ)́]eЁѽܰ)eȁt+q$ՉЁѡӊ$ɕ䁑t)ѕȁѼѡ͔)ݥ ȁM)ѡЁݕɔѡȁѕȁȁͅ)ͽѡ͔ͽݡɔݕ)ѡ݅䁅ݡɔЁЁ)ѥ1ݕɥȁ)݅䁥́Չ́)ݥѠȁЁͅ胊qeԁ)ѥɕ]ѽͽݡɔt)!䰃q5͔́$)͡ձѡͱٕ䁙ȁ٥)́1ɥt+q]ٔѡݽɱѡЁѥհ)ѡ剽䁅ݡɔٕȁɐ)ɽѡͥЁɔͼՍɅ)ѼȁаٕɅи=)̸!́Ёɥ)͕́є͕ٕ)Ё՝ѼɔѡՕѥ)䰁ȁ̸ͥQɔ)ݕȁ̰ЁЁѡ)̰݅ѡɔ́ѡ)ͥͼՍչѥ́́ݸ)ɕѼɔݔɔͼ)ͱ她 ͕ٕ́ЁѼѥ