NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 68

p Envoy 24 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT LOWELL. My stelae-like sculptures are influenced by totemic forms from early cultures that followed the movements of stars and created legendary images of creation. The Envoys, as the larger concrete sculptures are titled and can be seen as abstract concrete shapes of varying textures and shades of gray, simultaneously referencing messengers. My idea is to let the potential references that generated the work in the first place spill out of the abstraction into another phase. This is not intended to reduce the power of abstraction, but to add a layer that brings a further vision. The Envoys can be read, for example, as satirizing our worship of industrial matter that has changed the earth’s underground in atrocious ways such as mining, extracting fossil fuels, creating storage pits for gas and oil, or planting seeds in soil laced with pesticides. In order to highlight my environmental concerns (the implicit message carried by these silent emissaries), my conversations with scientists about environmental damage and climate change are printed to accompany an installation of the sculptures. r 66 Envoys Group