NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 67

k Envoy 30 Standing Vu2 The verbal associations of these materials are another way to understand what the concrete and cardboard materials can characterize: concrete represents fact and truth, while cardboard is considered as something insubstantial. Functioning out of the box (so to speak) adds to the visual presence and aesthetic impact of the work. With cardboard and concrete paired together, opposing forces meet, bringing to mind fathomless discord and the need for understanding and compromise. Historically, concrete has been used in buildings both in the pre-Columbian Mayan era and the late Roman Republic. Today, it is the most widely used industrial material. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE Split Envoy Melding anthropological interests, contemporary aesthetics, and environmental activism is challenging. I seek to balance these fo rces. Some of my work is heavy, pointing to the need to bear the weight of social responsibility. My whole material procedure is to instigate a situation, whether in two or three dimensions, such that the materials will naturally modify in ways that I cannot actually see because they are encased inside a cardboard box. For example, concrete cast in cardboard boxes will create cracks, textures and colors in its casting process, and I cannot specifically anticipate where or how these will generate. I let the material process be, largely based on water, surface alignments, and weight. As the materials dry in that process, they move and shift — which I see as letting the material express its life. Considering unknown life is a powerful experience. 65 k