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My Take In the “fact-free” environment in which we live, work and create in the United States today, it’s no wonder charlatans, quacks and ignorant people are many times over more celebrated than serious minded individuals whether they are politicians, artists, writers, or thinkers. By QUINCY TROUPE Silliness and mediocrity rule the day and con artists and criminals get away with almost anything. In fact, so many people in this country are so desperately ignorant of so many important things it boggles the imagination! Instead of rewarding truly serious people, we embrace the throwaway culture of celebrity, along with quick-fix sound bytes and faux solutions for difficult, often times intractable problems that arise out of the changing demographics, sociopolitical, technological, religious, and cultural dynamics sweeping not only the United States, but also the world at large. This vexing, destructive behavior I attribute to the fact that we, Americans, suffer from an overdose of toxic media, religious intolerance, and reality television and from what I will describe here as modern tribalism. The word “tribe” is defined in The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English (1999) as “a group of (esp. primitive) families or communities, linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, and usu[ally] having a common culture and dialect, and a recognized leader.” 4 In today’s political discourse, we don @V"FRFW&G&&Ɨ6&VFFƗF6'FW2'WBFB2W7FǒFP&Vf"W&FVB'&WV&Ɩ62FRFV7&G2&RB2&vBFV FVv6&VBW6WB&Rf 6Rb&W&R6FW'>( fvW'2'WB'B&vRB6V6vP&WV&Ɩ62W7V6ǒFRfvW'0bFBG'V7BFVfFVǐW&B&6rFFRbF2G&&Ɨ6ࠥFRf"WRFR&V6VBWV&w2vW&R&FW"FVW7Fpvb&66FW"FR&WV&Ɩ62FW'6f6W6ǒGF6VBFRW6"vRFV7&G2FFR&P&6VB&6VW7Fp&FFRW6"BFRvfW&"FW"WR2FRG&VFV@&W6FVB&2&V6VfVBg&ЧFR&WV&Ɩ62BFV"֖066W'fFfRFƲ&FfWw2FW"&WV&Ɩ67W'Fr6&PWw26w266W'fFfR&@VFBƖR&w2GW&rFP7B6WfVV'26גFRF2G&&Ɨ6FV7G&FV@'FR'2v&VBW&6@vFR&FW7FW'2BWw2&W'FW'2vRF7rB6v0BG'V&ƖW3'FR&V6W0GFVFVW267&V֖rFV"7W'B@&WV&Ɩ6'G&W6FVFFV&FW0#b2FR6FFFW2FƶVB&W@FR6RbFV"VG>( V6W2@W&VBFW"VVF&R7VG2F26&FB66r&Vf 2BvRVF6VB'VR&VBFRv&Rv&RvF6pF26''7V7F6RF2B7FW&F2W&6'&"6r`6FvW26W2&Vf"vPr6VRWfW'F&WƖ6FVBFW'&&P66V&2F&VvWBFR֖FFPV7B6g&6FF@6VG&W&6WW&RƗFW&ǒWfW'6FVBB6VV2ࠠ