NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 23

to shag him The word for sex (is) : not even in the vocabulary He makes pasta from Sprite & sweet onions : scents up the house well after midnight I leave : he asks for a kiss & I am close enough to feel him coil : a fist :: a paint brush :: a roll of coins & this & (in) this : I am as scared as I am unflagging This is not the kind of beauty I imagine entering This \ in Kiss that keeps the figures covered : the elated refrain The problem with being American is trying to hide all my compassion in a shroud \ cloth In this contemporary (/) I find the man who first held my hair back when we kissed Knock on his door at 2am Use him as a place to hide my paint in / As if to say : when I return (\) I want only the present left of me Perhaps our professor did not know \ that pain is participatory both in past \ & / future tense The Kiss : The Kiss 21 kissed yet The past \ \ keeps getting / / rewritten & Nick : I think of kissing him :: mettle in the aspiration as long as possible / for as much time as I can [stand] BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE the dawn it takes during La Bianca Notte to find it (but I have never been to White Night) : I am looking at The Kiss balanced beside Nick ’s auburn arm somewhere in Austria & we have not