NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 22

By SHAYLA LAWSON La Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna — The International Gallery of Modern Art This was the first time I saw Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss :: This is(n’t) true I have checked several times to see if The Klimt even came to Ca’Pesaro and always return (\) empty I recognize there are times in my life I mislead myself :: a collection (of them) / I am always confusing (as) Cause & Effect :: I am standing in Sala 4 between Symbolism & Secession: The Kiss beginning a torso’s height above me I am (also) in the gold leaf & oil : the first time a man ever held my hair back from my forehead while he kissed me Although : & this & the shroud of two figures broken in elation :: Arms : mostly arms : & the safety that only unfurls from a paint tube:: Asphodel: ultramarine : ochre (\) In the museum I stand (*breathless*) beside Nick \ his beautiful autumnal arm hair coils against my copper own He is the last boy I kissed : maybe his first (*kiss*) :: a trick we played in mimicry of the mustachioed gentlemen we pass in the street Kiss Kiss / Kiss Kiss We graze cheek-to-cheek to land full eye-height The tongue : intrepid traveler A kiss just fast enough for lipstick to stain a napkin Our professor tells us the problem with America is the people : still trying to be modern while the world moves past swiftly :: a party trick We must decide to venture or not (\) 20 There will be an evening in the contemporary I spend on the Ikea sofa of a soft Brit discussing Hamlet :: my divorce :: my naked feet :: and no desire