NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 21

La Strada Nuova — The New Street आकार राजभंदारी1 kneads hair behind him when he runs like a flock of black terns Not unlike the street on which he bakes / ever evolving tending to this ancient craft not unlike the bread that wakes him at 5 am, the scent strong as stubble on the face of old men : not unlike a true Maestro आकार राजभंदारी daydreams the cream that dollops from his chef ’s spoon bread so like the bubbles gasping for air in their espressosized beers : the vessels cupped in chipped hands like the shape love makes The flour and water the work combined / just dust and sea Not unlike wads of cash Bread is a cruel mistress / the petals of morning rising from fog : not unlike the woman he imagines he will meet in this new world and love tenderly : tell touch is cyclical : not unlike the scrim he wants to but almost never lifts from the burlesque he dreams : shaped not unlike the wheat and tears that sometimes accompany love-making, the chaff and rain not unlike the dough he curves and molds velvet with much of his self-conscious The dancer folds like a cow grazing in the edges of the field under a storm cloud Sacred the cow of this encounter Kathmandu : sometimes Venice : sometimes a tourist He notices : her skin not unlike The way dust and vision join to do the ground’s work Us the dough sustaining grain : our bodies pastry-like the soft butter he massages into unformed cornetto His muscles flick elegantly : not unlike an arabesque The tanned Italiane entrano to buy biscotti : gnarled grissini with knuckles like 1 Aakar Rajkarnikar 19 the marrone he pulls from the oven : breaks open with heat : adding dollops of ivory : but he is not unlike BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE the crispness of a white-waxed pastry bag The women marvel at how he came here / brown : not unlike