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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES We welcome your written contributions for publication in Black Renaissance Noire, whether they are academic articles, reviews, art, visual art, photography, and/or poetry. Relevance Length Copy file format Black Renaissance Noire publishes essays, poetry, fiction, photography, art, and reviews that address the full range of contemporary Black concerns. It invites Black genius to apply itself to the realities of the twenty-first century with uncompromised thought, generous and readable analysis, and commentary. Our readers are mostly resident in the United States, West Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Creative Fiction: 3,500 words
 Please send your file in Microsoft Word. Email your copy to Black Renaissance Noire at brnnyu@gmail.com. If you wish to send us any photos for publication, these should be in tif or jpeg file format, with a minimum image width of 3 inches at 300 dpi. Also, please forward an author/artist biography with your submission (250 words). Essays: 2,500 words
 Short Essays: 700 words
 Copyright If your article has been published elsewhere, please let us know. Feature Essays: 5,000 words Poetry: No restrictions We are unable to confirm your submission status, or compensate the selected contributors. We do, however, offer complimentary copies of the magazine to the published contributors: authors, photographers, artist, and poets. Black Renaissance Noire Institute of African American Affairs New York University 143 Topicality BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE Before submitting any copy for publication, please read the following guidelines. Note that we reserve the right to shorten, alter or omit any material. Manuscripts in Englis h should be sent in double-spaced format, in a Microsoft Word-compatible electronic file to the main email address (submissions@nyubrn.org): manuscripts in African language, French or Spanish will be considered if accompanied by an English translation.