NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 142

©2015 MELVIN EDWARDS / ARTIST’S RIGHTS SOCIETY (ARS), NEW YORK. COURTESY OF THE ARTIST AND ALEXANDER GRAY ASSOCIATES, NEW YORK; PHOTOGRAPH BY KEVIN TODORA AT THE NASHER SCULPTURE CENTER DALLAS, TX 140 Epilogue A few months later on 29 January 2015. I am blessed to be in Dallas for the opening of the retrospective Melvin Edwards: Five Decades presented by the Nasher Sculpture Center and curated by Catherine Craft (31 January 2015 – 10 May 2015). The exhibition features hanging artworks from his Lynch Fragment and Disk series, mid-size and large-scale sculptures including the recreation of the barber wired installations displa VBBFRvFWW6WVsVWGFW2&VfV7Fp2r6&VW"2V&Ɩ267VF"&&Vǒ6VVG&vw2B6VV7Fb26WF6&2FRW&F6W2vF&6ǒW7G&FVB66&ǐ6FwVRࠤ&W6FW2F66fW&rB&RF66fW&pVGv&G>( 'Gv&Bv27F'&rF6VPFR&v( ĆvRF66( FPsBv2FRf'7BFRWF06W&W2&6W'2VGv&G2v27&V@f"F2VFV6RV6R'FPvVWG'b2w&FFW"6&( 0֗76&6r6"v6RvVBvFW&R6WfW&67VGW&W2BW"v&2VGv&G06W6VBFR6f"FRf'7BFPF2V6RFWVFrFRvBFR6Ɩ涖rb6266W2FP6.( 2&6rG&6f&֖r( ĆvPF66( FW&V6Rf"FP&WG&7V7FfRB2&VV&W7F&VBFG2&v66&֖R&VB@F7VBWG6FRFRFW'&6RFP6b67VGW&W2'"'F7G0ƖR֗,;2WFW"6FW"&6&B6W'&B&F7WfW&ࠠ