NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 128

Suicide by War? By ISHMAEL REED In nineteen eighty-nine, in Life magazine, I wrote about the alarming rate of suicide deaths among white men. Since then, the situation has gotten worse. The suicide rate among white men is higher than that of any other ethnic group. This goes unreported because the oligarchs who control the media, white men themselves, do not see depicting white men as vulnerable, as profitable. Their spending dictates that white men be like People magazine’s: the most handsome men in the world, Hollywood’s leading men. For them, black men are losers like Rufus in James Baldwin’s proto feminist novel, Another Country, or Mr. in The Color Purple, or Trueblood in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, or Leroy in Kathyrn Stockett’s The Help. 126 The New York Times published a piece about the kind of roles for which black males receive Oscars. “Black men have been up for best actor Oscars only 20 times. 13 of those characters were arrested. 15 were violent.” The media also honor white men for excelling in forms that were invented by blacks. The best rappers, the best doo woppers. The King of Rock and Roll, Jazz, etc. Better than Tiger Woods, etc. Better than Superman. Smarter than God.1 The media’s profit margin is based on white men winning the majority of the times; black men losing the majority of the time. Is there any connection to the high rate of suicides among white men and the need for the white alpha males in power to advocate war measures that might get all of us killed? Is there such a thing as suicide by war? Suicide by cop is defined as the decedent performing a provocative act that threatens a policeman with the hope that the decedent would be killed. There is a controversy about whether the person sometimes killed is someone who is suffering from mental illness or whether the police use the term as a cover for murdering an individual. Forensics studies use the term despondency, when describing the state of mind of a person who desires to commit suicide but assign the task to FW"'GvVv2גV&ǒGvVFW2v&VBVF7FvW&P6RbFR7B&֖VBV&W'0bFR'VffWr&6VG6VB&RG&VFVBvFWBFV VFW72&VrvFRvVऒ&VV&W"FVBvv27V6F66R7V6FR2BW&֗GFVB'FR6FƖ26W&66RG&VBFW&FW"W"W6&B6FB7FV@b6֗GFrF27Bg&vV@W'FR6FƖ26W&66^( @&RW&FW&VB'FR7FFRࠦХ7F2g&FRfFV( vB&W2vWB&67F'0FFR66'3( V&Ɨ6V@'FRWr&FW2ࠥ7V6Fv2FW&W6VB6W&W0&WBFRVVGf֖ǒFVv6R6FBVVG@'W66WbBv&VBWBFV&VBFR66VW27W6RFBƗfW 7FR26'&V7CFBvW&RBBf 6"7VvvW7FrFBFR6Fb'W767V&&RvB&Vf&PV6r6RV6V"vV2gFW FR7V"v2&&&FVB'R2g6v^( B7F&R6VrWFRW72'G2bFRv&BvVF( B&P&F&Rf"FW6G2bV'2v2VVG7V6F'WBvFVB@FRFRwV6Rb6Rv&W0'7G&7BFVƖRg&VVFv2Pv&RFBRBFW&֖W72v6֖vB66VBf"FR&V6W70&Vf"2&fFRƖfS6RfP6BFB2G&FFW2v27V6FआRv2v&VBBFFRFRG&ࠠ