NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire V. 16.1 - Page 124

p Le gibier du roi. In my opinion, power is a political fact rather than a natural fact and only emerges in specific conditions, and specific socio-cultural and historical contexts. In order to support these themes, I employ a wide range of data: animal communities, archaic forms of political power within so-called “primitive” communities, the power of the king during slavery, innovation through modern labor movements, and the historical emancipation of the bourgeoisie in the Caribbean islands, including Guadeloupe, where I live. 122 Critical of the current “social atmosphere,” I define domination as playing a primary role in the reproduction of dominating social relationships that sit at the very heart of globalization.  Using imagery and poetics inspired by the tapestries of xvi and xvii Century French bourgeoisie, and the period when Louis xiv organized a long succession of “Pleasures” in his gardens at Versailles, my work incorporates what French philosopher, Pierre Bourdieu, calls ‘symbolic violence’, which consists of forcing the acceptance by an entire community of any act of power as legitimate. Therefore, my body and the clothing I wear will act as evidence of the reversibility of identity or social classes. q Le jardin de louis copie. k The Delight Garden Acrylic golden canvas 200cm by 200cm m The Delight Garden, 2014 Acrylic oil canvas 200cm by 200cm