NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 99

  97 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE Tea and Death     …because you need something hot
and sweet to wash down the bitter cold
of the world   …because on this day your second old friend 
has died within a month — and you were just at his house   — because tea goes really well with sorrow, like apples and peanut butter   …because one is salty and sticky and the other is sweet and
crisp and both taste like death if you think about it   — because death is such a creep, and
couldn’t care less if you think so or not   …because it snapped up the kindergarten teacher, Jane, before your daughter had a chance to say goodbye   …because tea is always tea, even after someone dies; it always steams up your glasses, kisses your lips   …because you think that somewhere in the world someone       is always drinking tea,  while someone else is always dying   …..and because this is the true yet hideous thing about it. Tea, death, death, tea.   There is a time for one or the other every single day forever