NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 46

Eva felt reassured that together they would find a solution. Her mind raced thinking of all they needed to do first. “Al, did you bring the box I asked you to save for me?” “I did. Just like I promised you the night before we married.” “That night in Harlem seems so long ago. Where did you keep it?” “In my footlocker at Camp. Never opened it.” Al retrieved a box out of the packages he brought in and handed it to Eva. Eva took the brown paper wrapper off and opened the box. She spread its contents on the table. “Take this embroidered skull cap and wear it under your helmet...it is the helmet of salvation.” Al tried it on. 44 “Looks like a yarmulke from one of your Yeshiva buddies.” “This is no time for jokes.” Eva handed Al a small book. “Take this Bible, the sword of the Spirit, the word of God.” He slipped it into his breast pocket. Next she placed a multicolored cloth in his hand. “Put this small sash on your belt. It is to guard your loins against the forces of evil and the devil.” Al said, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, and against the rulers of darkness of this world…” “And against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Eva said. “Hallelujah, sister saint.” He got her to laugh. Eva reached in the box. She pulled out a silver necklace. “And Al, take this cross. You too will come back to me even after going through hell.” The chain had no clasp on it. “Open your collar.” Al complied as Eva slipped the necklace with the cross over his head. She felt her throat tighten and chest feel heavy as she tried to suppress more tears. “Eva mi amor. I love you so much. I’ll drive you and Jerome to D.C.” “It’s too far away. You can’t go a.w.o.l. You leave tomorrow for San Diego. I’ll drive. I spoke already with Jerome’s parents.” “Man, I don’t know, baby. If those crackers catch you in a car with a wanted colored man, you’ll be risking your life . And where you going?” “Jerome has family in Brooklyn. Either we dress him up like a woman or he rides inside the trunk, until we reach the Mason-Dixon Line.” “But Eva, the trunk’s unheated.” “No buts about it. He’s dead if we don’t get him away from here. And would you consider going with me then to Canada?”