NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 25

Collapse a lotus inward and then inflate Its children until they recreate themselves as Jelly donuts Bodhidharma’s mission was inevitable before The advent of the carousel someone had To physically manifest the wheel of Samsara Then show us how to get off Gautama did not explain these things well Link to pass the donor can’t return The territory under influence is enfeebled stone The cantilever will be when relieved of Balm the salesmen came in cars promising To insure us against the endless siphon Of our universal djembe head for rum NO MORE SOLO PIANO RECITALS FROM PRISON No more pint sized readings by virgins No more sausage up on the roof No more butternut squash landscaping of Somalia No more midget Ethiopian princes playing god No more z actors running the world No more poets who can’t think or Read and won’t make their own beds 23 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE At the twilight there is something cool The crack between the worlds divine will It creates a child prodigy from the First moment we stumble most get up Those who don’t because of weakness or Defiant carotids or just plain cussedness have This final gateway to get to sanctuary You begin by decoding harmony mathematically then Cross species now leave beta a voice Says go to alpha and register with The unconscious yonder is the green measure Then a plain that is pleasure frost Yet science sleep brutal awe tragedy Bloom Butch & Sundance just entered the room