NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 24

By K. CURTIS LYLE The Babylonian proto trimester sequin pinned exactly 1000 to each flag a director Swann Yearning is not discipline O water moccasin The years of bent fingers transfigure alterations Of consciousness because power is no substitute For evolution or extinction or generation and If that’s not what were after BOOM Soul is something special when hunting hummingbirds I bow to them after 14 meditations Their truth is Haitian their balance perfect Their motions a combination of imagining nothing Special Jung went to meet them in Denmark Gauguin followed them to Santa Fe In Paris Kaufman became their master teacher Butch published a journal in New York Called the Organ of Intelligence based on The idea that immortality was available to Every human being through the process of Continuous growth of anti matter visiting inversion Of the tables of absence and presence Sundance has already been there and gone There is control history at the core And there is serene mystery clamping down On its motive biting into the racial Echo flux that serves as its skin Prater Weltanschauung causes strips of epidermal wretch There are billions of waves that brought Almagest purification and this is just one We took our pleasures from knowledge working The vanity crowd we accepted the whole Undigested pomegranate dropped out of their assholes For what is true fruit but the Feces of the plant jet propelled through The eater and then dispersed to eternity You can never get it back again One perfect tool morning retracing my step Back downtown from the city of Heathendom I met a murderer standing in the Blood light of a Harlequin liquor store His stance made a case for homicide He complimented my response christened me a ‘Broke dick dog’ it was a compliment 22 He brought me to Saint Louis on Labor Day 1969 and I never left It’s easy to explain how one black Revolutionary jazz medium and prophet could abandon Another on the court house steps where Mr. Dred Scott irrevocably ruined America’s reputation HE KNEW WHAT I NEEDED TO DO