NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 23

Posit to the elders the seduction of Magick is still there and even though The origin Magic repository awaits without K The journey through the secret life of Planets was a kick in the head Went to seed to get some smoke And was gone for three whole days There was a museum in the neighborhood That had a tower from which one Could watch the boats come and go Always dodging Watts water skiers who infested The beach like overdosed septic steroid grunion On our last day these little fishes Turned every mole a star crossed lover A fence drain jostle from the blues A title is a lovely thing Pinocchio Unabridged reveals that his genitals have been Tampered with by some of the producers At Disney the studio issues a disclaimer Using the 14th amendment as a cover WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM THE PROTECTORS In the May clock of our lives Where the roads are endlessly cracked crooked Until we reach the fast lane we Picked you not for speed but for Will and comfort hydraulics need not apply Here or vertical wits problem is location One man’s immortality is another’s putrefied forest Champagne pussy carts in conversion warehouses rocket Science is the art of taking someone’s Baby and making her your own for The duration wisdom sandwiches are composed of Conduction a house in the manner maids-of-dawn Quanah Parker had seven women and twenty-three Kids his bare infinitive didn’t die alone 21 The Cadillac memories the sharkskin petrol dialogues First encountered above 110th street diamond karaoke Hermes swollen the Big Wilt Sugar Ray Hyperspace doorway all the mimes frozen in Hip contrarian hypo tech crescendos the beginning Middle end party of farthing then dimension All this writhing inside both of us BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE I Dante Alighieri am tenant in a World that cries out for Charles Bukowski He’s Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on loan To Norman Mailer when the condors came And saw the tourists rampaging through the Valley they wept for their brown-winged children Who had never known anything but bliss