NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 22

By K. CURTIS LYLE BUTCH & SUNDANCE The trove age might be dream too This is about initiate mutation spiritual renovation Quaking Sally a sign embolism embrace the Ebola switch to infarction dilemma is not Disease but its ship elation to health Fin of a grass breast of gluten I like the blue daddy do you Type return dossier to file casing ascend Meteorite decision I am the anchorite bombardier He is the exhumed sky pilot reddened If we go off before you find The pitched frequency amplitude will not recover Even the carapace of our post-mystery Don Your caretakers were here we both sang A horseman with radiance scene under umbrellas One umbilical cord leads back to mama But two restructures a scripture of pathology And gloom into Yemaya glue spiral yearling Liberation of quality stalk of respiratory hawks Homage to the diehards who went home Winged after being sentenced to death laughing There were ten Yogis on the ground Castello Emelulu the Love Bug Crooklyn Vallejo John Eric Leumas Scottsboro Mayhem and the Corner Boy who walked on egg shells There were two hum prophets working upstairs Lightning never strikes in the same place BUT THE HOUSE WAS BURNED DOWN TWICE The sexual radix is a slaughterhouse paradox Bicameral solutions rejected in favor of fields Birth an anomaly absent from the infinite Old igloo coal was read to insert Darkness and at the same time the Bird Queen abjured obedience out of optics The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects To the northwest we fled in 12 Silver slivers of Basmati helicopter undercurrents true The whaling life of high contrasts predicted Promiscuity instead produced intensity and an all Consuming love affair with the word the Overexposed photo essential glare black mare invisibly Visible as Pluto without the tumescent mind 20 David to the masses love thy self Go a priori amber gold Benedictine pedal The great bicycle potion of coasts I Have become accustomed now I will mine Soma untold from crossed achromatic sighs sight And blind were always present remember the Time Mayhew took to curse out Kennedy