NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 21

19 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE minute or so, every few seconds, a woman is assaulted, what’s wrong with the Ludlow environment, secondary nature, how did it get this exemption, here I am, cautious killer, toss the caution, take a swing at me, use the knife tip as stainless tongue proxy, cock proxy, come on, come on already, what’s the matter big boy, I’m waiting for you, would it help if I called you daddy, that would not help me, where’s a good old fashioned knife-thrower-withoutlimits mentality when you need one? — I’m sorry I need it only once, but surely you’re a normal champion of one night time standing still, yes, yes, a bullet taking forever, my rapid fall slowed down to ballet, swan lake, Siegfried comes of age, hunts birds in the evening, Odette pleads for the swans’ survival, a deal in the dark, yes, good only in the dark, yes, the double dark of Odile, the double dark in which a man and his swan drown, just as scripted, Tchaikovsky knew what he wanted from the music, what’s a wingless girl to do to get what she wants from a man who’s able to give it and then some, try the buzz-saw slipper on my foot, yes, please, put me to sleep with a bear-trap kiss, if you’re not up to full-blown iron maiden, how about it, I’ll pay you, give you my pin: 7715 upside down is easily twisted to kill, something less than a man can twist that, ordinary bender of spoons, reach me at 5455437 on the phone: call me every hour on the hour, spell out kill her all day long, redial, reload, I spell it out every day with my footsteps, my tap dance, stiletto dictation, highly specialized Morse code update, war hero revival, post traumatic stress syndrome, collateral damage, déjà vu, do what some did at Mai Lai, do what some did at Nanking, Fallujah, Abu Ghraib, do what some did in Birmingham, at Manassas, Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland, on campus, I will not press charges, I’ll be as quiet as a mouse at your feet, cat drop, as more surfaces, you are inside me, seeking the prehistoric bling-bling of my spine, interlocked heavy necklace, the vertebrae like ossified roses, my death glistens, you catch a hard bouquet, open a treasure chest, treasure breasts=