NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 18

By THYLIAS MOSS A First Response to Tuning Forker Gyrl for Mr. Higginson by Adorabilis 1 My alpha and omega poem braided into my hair that falls into the poem like breezes, that falls into you acrobatic atmospheres homecoming, prom this poem these bosons of alphabet form my prom, my graduation, valedictory address, where I live now, really live, as if for the first time (inside you) my sense of direction, elevation slow home-cooked meal —poetry food— indulgence, cure for every disease including religion: church of me, apron, radon shield, spikes of hair, double helixes of braids, words of the poem expand, latch onto proteins of my hair, food poetry chromosomes of a new child incubating in margins: complete peptides 16 perfect matches, IDEAL genetic codes