NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 150

148 Because he was raised in the upper crust of Hollywood society, Budd had numerous celebrity chums who reached out to give the workshop a hand. The ex spouse of big tv star James Arnette once brought a group of young writers out to her desert motel to spend a few days away from the ugly neighborhood they lived in. She thought the retreat would be good for the “Budding” young writers. The best known individual to visit the workshop was Budd’s Buddy, Robert Kennedy. It was a dramatic event that left a deep impression on President John Kennedy’s sibling. Budd wanted the young writers to let the Democrat presidential candidate know the straight dope about their problems living in Watts. The young poets really grilled Kennedy; they told him about the egregious wasteland that was their community. Robert Kennedy was deeply touched by the young poets’ words and thoughts. He told Budd the night before he was shot and killed that if he was elected President he would implement the Watts Writers Workshop format on a national level. There is no way to know whether or not the FBI was eavesdropping on Schulberg’s and Kennedy’s conversation, but it is a well known fact that Kennedy’s plans for the workshop were considered to be anathema to J. Edgar Hoover, who was extremely antagonistic to the workshop, which he felt was the most dangerous black organization in the country. Words, as we have been told innumerable times, are more powerful than knives, tanks, and the sword. Hoover wanted to nip the flower in its Budd, pun intended, and he went to such lengths as to dispatch agents to bring down the workshop and silence the tongues of the poets revealing the sordid truths about this wicked country. The weirdo the fbi dispatched to sabotage the workshop was Darthard Perry, a dude who was overly revolutionary in his appearance and militant persona. He dressed in the outfits of the black revolutionaries — army fatigues, dashikis and Black Panther regalia. He wore a mandatory pair of army boots. This devious bastard really paid attention to the details of the part he played in this drama. Perry did a lot of work for the workshop; he was always running errands for people. He took out the trash and was ready to do whatever task he was requested to do. He was a real ass kisser to the authorities of the Douglass house, eve