NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 15

When we got outside, he frowned and said “You almost fuck up there o, you almost laugh. Do you know any small suspicion this people won’t release you to me?” “But why did you not help Eseosa and the other girls there?” I asked him because Eseosa was begging and screaming like I did in the airport, “Brother no leave me here, please I will work for you, whatever amount you want brother. Eh-brother lahorwowo I beg you,” and Prince just kept a straight face as if he was deaf and dumb. “She is not my problem; she is somebody else’s load,” was all he said as we entered the car that was waiting outside the immigration prison. Prince has since gone back to Nigeria, leaving me in this house full of girls who behave as if they are in New Benin market. Uyi slapped one of them yesterday and threatened to burn her toto with a hot comb because she has been lying in bed for three days without going out to work. I have been telling Uyi I want to call Matron and thank her for sending Prince back to rescue me, but Uyi says Matron will call me and I don’t have a phone. I am at her mercy; sometimes Uyi is nice and sometimes she is nasty like a wicked headmistress. All the girls look at me strangely, they whisper to themselves. I don’t know why, I am not sick or anything. My only friend now is the one called Beauty whose hair I plaited yesterday. She asked me if I knew why I came to Italy. I said yes, I am here to attend a nursing school and go back home to be a certified psychiatric nurse. She laughed and laughed until the towel around her waist fell off and she was not ashamed of her nakedness. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE I almost did not recognize him as he entered with security officials and the woman that looked like a wooden spoon. He was introduced as Barrister Aminu Salihu from National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters or some long name like that. He had come to attend to the cases of innocent girls like me tricked by human traffickers. Prince was speaking big English as if he was a true true lawyer, I almost laughed but I held myself to see to the end of the matter. I did not utter a word when Prince was telling the people with him that I was hypnotized and seduced and cajoled against my will. I was trafficked. These were his big English words; I remained mute like stone to his lies. 13 When I look outside the window and see white girls and boys walking the streets, I laugh. So this is me, Itohan Obayuwana, seeing Italy in flesh and blood. Who would have thought an orphan like me would end up in a white man’s land to further my education? Prince told me that Uyi would take me to the campus for registration once I settle. But Uyi keeps saying I should wait, wait, wait. And I am waiting o. It has been three weeks now since Prince came to rescue me from Lambedusa jail and brought me here. My mother always told me not to judge people in haste. I had given up in that cell as Gina’s case worsened and Eseosa said they probably would deport us all back home. I had started to pray for madness too so they would think of leaving me behind for any reason. I furiously dreamt of going straight to Prince’s house in Benin and curse his life out before reporting him to Matron if I was deported. But it was the next morning he came to rescue me. You should have seen Prince dressed in a black suit and a blue tie on a white shirt like big lawyer.