NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 14

“I am fine, thank you.” “Go and bring orange juice and put ice inside the tumbler my friend. If you don cook the fried rice finish, bring some for me and Itohan,” Prince orders him. I want to protest that I don’t want to eat anything but Benson disappears faster than a changed channel. Prince is sitting by me now on the same chair. His strong scent takes over my nose and I cannot breathe well. “Soon you will be speaking Italian like white girls. And you will have so much money that I can’t even be able to talk to you. Make I treat you well now so you won’t forget Prince like some people I know.” I want to tell him I need at least four years to finish nursing school before I start making money, but I don’t want to argue. “I will not forget you sir, I am a grateful person. Thank you sir.” “Ok o. That is what they all say; until they start earning Euros and Pounds and you hear them talking to Prince as if Prince is a small boy in this Benin City.” He hisses loudly. He is moving too close to me, I concentrate vividly on the Nollywood movie showing. He stands up suddenly and walks to the cabinet where he kept his empty glass and pours more brandy like water, then picks his phone from the edge of the table and dials. 12 “Eh-Sylve, eh-Sylve where are you? How long are you going to keep telling me you are almost in Benin? The owner of the documents is here waiting. Ok o. See why I say you should stop behaving like a cheap goat, if you had taken the afternoon flight, you would be drinking Hennessey with me now. If this Benin-Lagos road doesn’t kill you, nothing else will. Ok o,” he drops the phone on the center table and return to the spot near me. “So is your boyfriend happy for you? Is he planning a farewell party for you?” Prince’s mood changes too quickly. “I don’t have a boyfriend yet sir,” I tell him. “How can I believe that a beautiful yellow sisi like you has no banker or commissioner boyfriend in this Benin City? Just say you don’t want to tell me.” All I want to do is go to school abroad and learn more about nursing. I don’t have time for boyfriends, and I want to keep myself for my husband as my mother always advised me. Efosa left me because I wouldn’t even let him see my underwear and I don’t even miss him for anything, useless goat. “I am saying the truth; I want to further before marriage.” “Won’t you have a boyfriend before you marry? So you have never…” He doesn’t finish his question because Benson returns with a tray full of food and drinks like a hefty izobo. I know what Prince was going to ask, he is getting drunk. Venice Uyi asks me to choose another name, “Itohan is such a typical Benin name, it is not sexy,” she says. I laugh and say she is too funny. She says “No, Itohan, I mean it. You know this white people cannot pronounce our name very well, you need a name like Lizzy , Queen or Princess.” I don’t want to disrespect Uyi, she has been kind enough to let me stay with her and Uyi says she is Matron’s “first daughter,” with a smile. She is the big sister here, whatever she says goes for the other girls. She is the one Prince handed my passport and admission letter to. She is more caring than most of the other girls who are always fighting themselves and laughing at me, calling me mungu because I am always laughing with Uyi and calling her sister.