NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 137

You Youth That is when you know something is wrong When you’ve try to hold the soul in of a man from the bullet holes of injustice Then you know what it is to see a life flash before your eye News Papers Read Text Revolution In reality we have come from a people that have known oppression Like the backs of their hands And now the people have decided to take things into their own hands My eyes overwhelm We spend our days watching the salvation 
 Of a people being ripped from its core Who want livelihood in hand full ’s We hear their cries of justice
 The War in their bellies
 The hunger in their hearts
 Answered By a rise in their youth
 Thunder in their belief
 Hope in the history We sit in rooms with walls that carry our linage We teach from textbooks that rearrange our history Color coated kaleidoscope of a beauty BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE What they didn’t say is that you Have history written in tears Roaring heart of faith Infamous Ocean of ears Cargo ship of will An embodiment of a land and soul And the story that should be told What they didn’t write in the new papers What they didn’t show in the media We sit sea away from what a real Revolution looks like You have worn your battle gracefully And our tomorrow looks brighter because you had a place in creating it. 135 What they didn’t write in the new papers What they didn’t show in the media Was that you were neither lost nor savage That you stood for your people That you had a message grander than any sky Gather the shadows of your ancestors Scribble all you have left of your cultural across your tongue Told them  There is no more space in the waiting room of mans chest Who bleeds freedom Who speak nobility Who is the hired gun of hope Of a homeland of bleeding streets With the youth of a people who have spoken their freedom
 In mother tongue Concrete streets knowing more than enough feet stomping To a heart beat of their today Today deadline has new meaning What they didn’t tell you Was how do you answer your children when they ask you Why they born with per place targets across their backs To be taken out by the ones who are to sever and protect When an administration questions Why the streets are full of new vibrant souls Taking what belongs to them Wanting freedom and justice