NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 136

By TAHANI SALAH WORD The last thing I broke was the river between Heart and fiction Between blind love and fist full Like shivers and moonlight Recurrences of self rescue Breaking blooming truth Vassals on communication With dry drippings of remembrance On tree trunks On days before yesterday Swam in shadows back to finding all encompassing beats Of this unknown Walking the halls of our mouths linage These words we call poetry Heavens Marrow Pouring from our lips This goes back to place of forgotten beginnings Beyond fear Beyond lust Beyond greed Beyond pain Beyond hummingbird getting stuck Between skylines and Brooklyn bridges This goes back to us Kissing the wind So remember this is your gift to yourself An when you feel the thunder rise in you chest The same reasons why your pen rises in your fists This is what you dream of 134 Be hide these blank built lights We here find our selves questioning this mist