NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 103

This is where we live now, at the intersection of ice and wind where cloudbank meets lake and river leaps like an unleashed dog into fog Here is where hang our jackets at the crossroads of vine and moss where tangled grass asks the church of spring for permission to sing in its choir, sing sing and hum and sing until summer night comes whistling Here is where we live now where we rake up autumn rapture where we collect the old lullabies and recycle them because this is the again and again place where we live now where we live BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE O you, my San Andreas fault my earthquake, my endzone my time zone, my space time my space shuttle ride   my time is collapsed my time is bent my Einstenian time my good time, my hookah time   my friendly skies my sweet, sweet time my oh my oh my oh my
my personal tsunami
my twisted binge my this is not love
my this is not my this is my this my is my The North Country 101   2nd Poem of Sex and Time