NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2015 Volume 15.2 - Page 102

By ELIZABETH COHEN Rainbow, Fresh Kills, Staten Island Poem of Sex and Time Shameless, spread eagle,         Marilyn on a steam grate. Momentous accretion, unaddressed, undressed, unwrapped, unwanted is about the little moment is about the next and next Detritus of detritus and the bottom lip and the next suddenly and the almost and the almost and the almost Oh Say Can You See It? Indigo. Violet, Orange.  I need a tissue.          Raindrop interloper.  I cry for the whole thing.          Color, light, rain, trash. 9/11 Re mains.          Oh excellent and dire spot for bird watching. Oh purple purple purple mountain majesty, assault of opposites, alive for a minute and then gone. 100 It is hard work to see you, to be honest, beauty and this beast.         Afternoon spitting at us, in the atom splitting light. is about the sudden next and the almost next until the maybe soon and the sudden deep and the sudden slow until the quick, quick and again, the bottom lip on thigh on foot and the scent of next and the harder next taste of ear taste of it and it and and and