NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 95

“No.” I lied. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, pretty sure.” “All right. Help me out,” said Fish. “You’re obviously a pro. What can you tell me about these tattoos?” “What do you want to know?” “Anything you can tell me. I’m trying to get a feel for something here.” I studied the photographs for another thirty seconds or so. No one spoke. A truck rumbled by outside and the building shook. A dog barked a few blocks away. “Well, I can tell you they’re not all done by the same artist,” I offered. “How do you know?” asked Fish. “This here is amateur hour,” I said, tapping the rose tattoo with my finger. “You can get a better tattoo in prison.” I saved the blue V-shaped abstract for last. “This is excellent work,” I said. “Of course she’s got a very nice back to begin with. But even so, look at what the artist was able to accomplish with just one color and a bit of shading. I’m telling you there’s more depth and emotion in that single design than anything you’ll find in the Guggenheim.” The detectives stared blankly at me for a long time. Obviously they didn’t share my passion for art. Philistines. Fish scooped up the photographs and put them back into the envelope. He stood up. McCreedy opened the door and walked out without saying goodbye. Fish nodded to me then followed McCreedy out. I watched them get into their car and drive away. I resisted the urge to wave. I locked the door, retrieved the gun from beneath the couch cushion and ran to the back of the shop. I hid the gun in the hollow space beneath the file cabinet in my office. Then I unlocked the cabinet and searched through my files until I found Sherry Lupone’s paperwork. I crumpled it into a ball, put it in the ashtray and lit a match to it. While it burned, I turned on my computer and deleted the girl’s file from my records. Then I staggered into the bathroom and threw up. “Thank you for ??????????t????????+?qM????9??????????t?$???????q]???e????)???????????t+?q]??e?????????????????????????t)?????????q]??e??????????????????????)?????????????????????????t)Q???????????????????????????)Q???????????????????)??????????????????????????????)????????????$????????????????????)?????$?????????$???????????((??()$???????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????)?????????????????(+?qQ??????????????????????????)???????????e????????t?$?????+?q%?????e??????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????)Q?????????????????????????????????t() 1 ,?I9%MM9 ?9=%I(+?q??????????????????????t???)?????() I8?10????????????((????????????4((