NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 89

The Language and Literature of the Sea TRANSLATED FROM TURKISH BY MESUT SENOL good news. sunlight has come back the ones who look at the rose hurray! it has been for long it did not fall any sinister leaf in my orchard Even it did, I washed the nights in my snooze I burned the post with the dark blue band rotten, its sails patched. now all rivers head for the sea! the blood, the nerve endings, all of them kidney stones go into the sea all of you! 87 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE I saw faces looking in the water Their keys stay in between the two eyebrows Their roads pass through the two forests into my heart. Oh my heart, do not ever hold your peace this fluttering, this love! Hoy my loving to loveā€¦ Go ahead for the sea. BRN-FALL-2013.indb 87 9/13/13 12:48 AM