NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 71

13 The black man is a parable The end of which has not been written Black man is a parable The beginning of which has not been written Black man is a parable Pages from a book torn out 14 A black woman jumped down the devil’s throat And saw his motives The devil jumped down the throat of a black woman And hid there She vomited him into Adam’s apple 15 In prison steel and concrete become flowers Even danced with them Forgot darkness Forgot where he was, dreamed the same dream one hundred times 16 A blind man lay down to Dream in soft blue sounds Could feel the touch of smells Inside black he felt safe 17 Where they lived despair was sacred was divine Prayed to manmade crucifixes in the dark Worked in technological cotton fields Satan rose to be the head of the church 18 Soul catchers own the night, bend perception out of shape Hide inside glittering trinkets and jaded light Body bandits, craving flesh, suck the prayers from viruses 69 20 Two died in my arms Gray lips on the wings of death The old man with a hooked finger pulled me To look inside his mouth and see the ocean there The young woman we breathed and squeezed her heart Until the silence from inside of her yelled and laughed 21 A crow flew out of a tree into a tree A crow flew out of a black man’s head And disappeared into history The crow flew back and told a story of slavery and trickery BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE 19 Stand quietly in an open field alone at night Listen and hear the earth grow You will never be the same again Now go and bury your old heart The earth has given you a new one BRN-FALL-2013.indb 69 9/13/13 12:48 AM