NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 70

68 By DOUGHTRY LONG BRN-FALL-2013.indb 68 TWENTY ILLUSIONS I A crow flew out of a tree into a tree A crow flew out of a black man’s head And disappeared into history The crow flew back then told a story of slavery and trickery 2 A monarch butterfly turned into a leaf was a leaf A leaf turned into a monarch butterfly was a butter fly 3 I was in Africa at the time watching Garveyites Pack their bags unpack their bags Time passed 4 Smoke spewed from a smoke stack Smoke is standing in the wind at the mouth of a smoke stack Zimbabwe a long way off 5 A tree was on fire with music There were no people around to see it dancing It was dancing because it was free from slavery 6 Two loves two times two Shake that thing You know what you want to do I like it like that 7 The kiss was in black and white The relationship in color The breakup in black and white 8 A witch flew out of my brother’s nose one night And hid under the bed Nights we could not sleep we could hear her drinking moonshine 9 Worked in a factory making tools For the annihilation of explanations Related to why the heart has wisdom too 10 At the bottom of a well in Africa Someone was laughing I was at the bottom of the well laughing Talking back to myself I never told anyone Call Nicodemus 11 Pink flesh a divot of bone and hair She jumped to her death, they washed the sidewalk With detergent and hoses People walking by Looked up to the thirteenth floor She was in the shop across the street drinking coffee 12 Long-headed black men in white robes Nodding shaved heads in unison to music only they can hear Their heads are watermelons stolen from the full moon 9/13/13 12:48 AM