NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 7

So where does all this leave us as a country, at least those of us who are desperate to find a way forward? We are left clawing and scratching each other while corporate scions, the military industrial complex, and greedy politicians are busily stuffing their pockets and laughing all the way to the bank. BRN-FALL-2013.indb 5 The conservative wing of the present day Supreme Court resides ideologically in “Red States” America. The Supreme Court has become in my view an extension of the Republican Party. Just look at their recent terrible, regressive rulings on corporate spending, voting rights, and other important legislation. The court has been issuing rulings on these subject that reflect the conservative, activist, rightwing ideology of their “red states” ideological compatriots evidenced in their 5-4 split rulings of its five most conservatives justices, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy. We are happy to announce that we are publishing another exciting issue of Black Renaissance Noire this fall. In this issue we are privileged to publish the poetry of Meena Alexander, Adrian Castro, Nurduran Duman, Jennifer Foerster, Roberta Hill, Pamela L. Laskin and K. Curtis Lyle. We are also honored to publish fiction by; Sadik Grice, Ed Pavlic and Charles Warrts, in addition to non-fiction by Wallace Ford, Paul Carter Harrison, Randall Horton, Robert Irving III and Ishmael Reed. We also have interviews by Jesse Hays and Robert Mahoney and visual art by; Samira Abbassy, Anthony Barboza, Dudley Charles and Lamerol Gatewood. As always, we at brn welcome your feedback on this new issue and we thank you for your continued support of our efforts. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE The truth is racism is irrational. I think that whatever our beliefs in this country, we all have to admit that the United States has become a fundamentally balkanized nation today, split between large urban cities, the so-called “Blue States,” typically described as liberal, progressive, multi-cultural and multiracial—the mainstay of the Democratic party, and rural areas filled with small towns and medium-sized cities surrounded by vast stretches of open spaces, the so-called “Red States,” typically described as conservative, overwhelmingly white, and Christian, increasingly far right wingers. Sprinkled within these two geographic areas are independents and libertarians (mostly Republicans). The East and West Coasts of the country, especially the cities, primarily lean Democratic, while the middle of the nation, the South and Mountain states, are dominated by Republicans. 5 For it was white American voters who in the fall elections of 2010 overwhelmingly put regressive (Tea Party) politicians in power, swayed as they were (and continue to be) by money from mega corporations. Now look at where these right-wing political nuts have taken the country in 2013 on a range of important subjects: raising the debt limit, “Obamacare,” defunding “the government” blocking money desperately needed for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, important scientific, research and educational funding, voting rights, and immigration reform, just to mention a few important legislative initiatives that spell real progress for this country. (Lately though, there appears to be a glimmer of light—Shall we say enlightenment?—as a few moderate Republicans congressmen and senators have begun to push back against the Tea Party’s hard push for governmental austerity and deep cuts in many government pr ??[\?]8?&\??Z][??YB??\?H\?H8?'[?\?]x?'H?\X?X?[??]?XZ?\??Z?H\?B??H?[Y]?H[?H[?H\?XY[?YY?^?\??\?[?\?[?]?][??\??^K??'?X?H?[??'H?X?]\?H]?\?]?\?]?\?K??]?[?[??[\?K[?Y\??]X???YYXK]\?]\?K???]?\?][???]\?H?Y?]H?Y??Z\???H?[???\??[?\?[??^H\?[Y\?X?[??]^?[????]Y??H\?H??[?H]???\??]ZY?\?\?[\??]?Y?]B?[??]??Y?HX??]???\???X?X[[[[XK?H?[[]?H????\???\??[Z[\?]Y\??]\?[???\?\??Z]?Y X[?Y?X?\?Y?B?Y??\?[??\?[?\???\?^Y\???\?H?X[?[?]?[??Y?H????]?\?H\???[???\??[?[Y[?[??Y??\??]^?[???\??X]??[??K??[?] ^H?[???]^?[??\?B??\?K?\?H][?[??\???H]?\????]??\??[??\?H?[[???[??Y?H[????K?L??L? L?? ?SB??