NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 69

Garvey’s Ghost Part I 67 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE He took the high john root and black cat’s tooth put them in the shot glass then poured brown liquor over them took the cigar from his mouth and flicked the ashes into the mix stirred it with the blade of his knife then pushed it to my side of the table I drank it, leaving the high john and the tooth at the bottom of the glass he turned the glass upside down and shook them on to a small square of leather then wrapped and tied them with catgut mumbled something in a rhyme closed his eyes and patted his foot them handed the small knot to me. Walk with this, keep it with you all the time The rooster that had been sitting on his shoulder took a puff from the cigar, looked at his watch put on a pair of sunglasses jumped down and strutted cross the room the nude woman in the corner stopped dancing the rooster stopped at the door and glanced at me over the top of his glasses, it was almost morning and time for him to go to work outside the full moon sagged and glowed having ?????????????????)]????e??????????????????????????????????)Q??????????????????)Q???????????????????????????????????????????????() I8?10????????????((????????????4((0