NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 5

Contents volume 13 issue 2-3 | fall 2013 4 138 My Take quincy troupe Poems 54 [from]…in at the door ed pavlic ´ robert irving iii 24 Poems meena alexander 28 Poems The Tattoo Killer sadik grice 94 6 Harmonic Possibilities a Memoir 90 adrian castro 142 Poems crisosto apache Poems roberta hill 58 Re?ections in Real-Time—The Sad Saga of Trayvon Martin and the Lessons from the Trial of George Zimmerman 102 Poems pam laskin wallace ford charles wartts, jr. 112 k. curtis lyle 150 Fishing, Friendship and Moonlight on Lake Tanganyika Using Beauty for Bait Visual Arts lamerol gatewood 164 Poems darnell l. moore 62 jesse hayes ishmael reed 66 Poems doughtry long 118 Epistles to an Incarcerated Woman—Letters to Lxxxx randall horton 124 Poems 38 Visual Art samira abbassy etnairis ribera nicole lapierre 182 Contributors 70 (re) Branding Black Theatre 48 paul carter harrison jennifer foerster 80 Poems 166 When Robeson Sang the Oppression of the Blacks and the Misery of the Jews Poems robert mahoney 3 nurduran duman 128 Inside, Outside: The Large-Format Drawings of Dudley Charles BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE 32 A Rare Conversation with the Elusive Mistress of Funk Jeff Zucker, The American Streicher? 002-Table-of-Contents.indd 3 9/13/13 1:03 AM