NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 38

jh: No, I didn’t think so… It makes me think of Jimi Hendrix. There is so much speculation about what Jimi would have recorded next. bd: He would have stayed in the same vein he was in. jh: Well, how would you compare what it is that’s progressive in your music verses his? jh: I guess success is ultimately if you can look back and be pleased with what you’ve accomplished. bd: Well, he was much more intricate that I am. My music is much more simple. bd: With your work, yeah… Yeah. jh: But in the late 70s I can only imagine the record company would have been pushing for him to put a disco beat behind something. jh: But Betty, the thing is, people can’t do what you do… It really is inimitable in the true sense of the word. Sure there is a simplicity, but that simplicity is sometimes the hardest thing to capture. bd: I doubt if he would have done it. bd: Mm-hmm. jh: Maybe disco wouldn’t have happened if he stuck around. [Sounds skeptical.] bd: No, It would have happened, cause you have the Bee Gees you know. They put it out there. jh: So, if we were lucky enough to hear a new Betty Davis record, would it sound essentially like the albums we alr