NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 31

You called me the drag queen of Of the hive; if you won’t let Me love you I’ll survive, I’ll remain; Like silt, like ash, like ember, like Cinder, I’ll drop pollen into another garden Until yours returns to the public domain If you won’t let me love you” “If you won’t let me love you I’ll endure, I’ll affirm, I’ll abide, I’ll Wait for you to restore me to The city where I possess and equalize All the ancient rain; I’ll wait for You to come to your self; I’ll Hurt and I’ll ache, but I’ll wait” I prance in a symbol bank of Falling yeast; the climate in the south Of France is all I can hope For near the end; I began in My father’s church; the first day sermon I poached was soft and had a Sing song touch and little boy’s tempo Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith sit in My stone house at St. Paul-de-Vence; the Arles light Van Gogh loved sweeps like Cinema into the dark cherish where my Brothers and I brought food and comfort; “You better come on in my kitchen Because it’s bound to be raining outside”* 29 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE *Quote from Robert Johnson’s song COME ON IN MY KITCHEN BRN-FALL-2013.indb 29 (???????????4((0