NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 29

11. Song Lines 13. Syncopation One sea Leads to another (O mirror drunk with salt) Also to that dreamless sleep Be fearless with density You whisper to me It too is an accumulation of longing, A sideways swipe at the stars. Where all seas start. On this North American coast Birch trees swallow the wind Ranunculus petals tumble We are leaving one Language for the other, Always and ever— What crossing enjoins. In the heat of spring. We shut our eyes to the glare Stumble into the hole Where Sita lay: Waves of hope, Bitter notes plucked from sea foam, Beauty’s tribulation, Virus of the possible, Eye of heaven, earth’s soul. After the trepidation of rocks After burst blood vessels Will fields of saxifrage Arco of love Slow fingering of desire, Our saris packed Into one battered suitcase And selfheal bloom? Girls gather in sunlight, Perch on a fault-mass Combing out their hair. Old leather rinsed With moonlight as underwater Continental plates clash And on a sodden deck Where the ground shakes I set my tent. We cannot know ourselves ever. I write this on your sleeve, Fold the cotton over. Sweet sunlight— 14. Aura Lost children Cradle flying fish In their palms— Torn metal turns into harps. 27 What swans found In their last flight. What spills From his lips? Can Krishna Hear him calling? BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE 12. Quilling He rises, Cloaked in amaranth petals A big man, his wounds Molten. BRN-FALL-2013.indb 27 9/13/13 12:47 AM